Your Story: Iran turns to solar panels in shift to renewable energy | World News

Your Story: Iran turns to solar panels in shift to renewable energy | World News

Solar panel farms are cropping up in Iran which is aiming to shift to renewable energy, according to the country’s West Asia News Agency (WANA).

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Fireblessed Frost says:

Well done Iran🇮🇷👏

John Dow says:

No other countrie can survive a war with the world,
Accept IRAN

poopie face says:

China must be supplying them with cheapo solar panels

Sexton Angel says:

Solar energy is a wonderful idea 🙂 Good Job Iran. God Bless 🙏

Karma 2020 says:

US is the real Terrorist state.
The amount of human suffering US has caused in places like Iraq, Iran, Syria, Afghanistan, Libya…. cannot even be measured.
Sanctions, Wars , threats – have devastated these countries.

Frost Soul7755 says:

They gave up on oil ?

Top Cat says:

Iran is by far the biggest pearl strung on the String.

Imaginative world says:

India is well established in solar energy
Biw its time to use its expertise

jayde M says:

I just wanna work for a country with a limited amount of money for projects to work on

jayde M says:

Makes jobbbs 👏🙏

Charlie May says:

So wion supports clean fuel? Like nuclear power?

Sérgio Loureiro says:

What's the source of what he said about sunlit Iran?

crAZy American says:

To all the trolls,it's only because Trump shut them up and down,😅))). cA T2Q2Q KAG c'mon man

Dhanabal Athunampillai says:

What happened to their Nuclear Energy programs? Trump'ne inki aag me pani daldhia!

Conte Gaming says:

This is good however, Iran's top officials love money and oil is their main money source. It will be difficult to change their minds on the matter.

Christa Free says:

Hmmm they're being smart.

Aaditya Kaza says:

"Iranians are embracing solar …to become less reliant on the electricity grid". Take a min to process that, by that logic, solar farms don't produce electricity using solar energy. 

The point of solar farms is to produce electricity to feed the grid, using non fossil fuel means which pollutes the environment.

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