Witnessed by Satellites: Solar panels turn desert into oasis

Witnessed by Satellites: Solar panels turn desert into oasis

Desertification meant animal husbandry was unsustainable a decade ago. But now, people and their animals are returning. See from space how solar panels have brightened the lives of the residents of Gonghe County, Qinghai.



rere439 says:

Those goats and environment looks like rendered

super koksu says:

Grass grows greener on the soil soaked with blood.

Fourth_Soul Knight says:

someone please tell me what the tittle of back sound music

Deadly Earnest says:

It is heart warming to see a positive result for both mankind and the environment.

VP007: EN vtuber clips says:

China is great at mixing multiple industries at once.

Like getting rid of minorities and getting free labor.

will says:

I like this. I do. but I want more data, and I want it cross referenced with others to see if its replicatable. more need to try this out.

JD96893 says:

Mmmmm love that Chinese propaganda

Harshit Kumar says:

u think its a good thing

Jakub Pavlovic says:

Everything is fun and games until the solar paneles stop being effective and they "decomission" them and send them to some 3rd world country where the chemicals from the panels get to the underground water sources and destroy whole ecosystems….

Thorius says:

Funny, if you look at the satellite images from other solar power plants, it's exactly the opposite. The plants die there because of the heat that the panels produce. I guess it has something to do with the artificially added water. And no, the water is not just for cleaning, it's also for cooling the panels so they don't overheat. The grass in this region must be quite resistant, understandable if it was a tundra before. Though you can see the grass between the panels is struggling, it's yellowish-brown which indicates it's burnt. The shadow underneath the panels helps the grass tremendously.

What am I talking about? What nonsense? Well, no, solar panels have about 20% efficiency, newer research models may get to 25-30% but they are still in development. What do you think where the other 70-80% go? It partially gets reflected and the rest is converted into heat. Nice way to stop climate change. I guess you never asked yourself why they stopped calling it green energy in their ads and called it renewable energy instead, right?

I'm happy for the farmers and the sheep of course.

g h o s t i e says:

okay im sorry but did anyone else get elder scrolls vibes from the music

Infinite Adam says:

I bet introducing biochar to the desert would change the sand to soil over a few years.

Jay Chavda says:

Its all about making a strong grip on crypto mining than the other countries

人間神 says:

Respect to China for a brilliant idea.

Thinking Out Loud says:

The qinghai lake is shrinking

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