What's Inside Thermal Solar Panels?

What's Inside Thermal Solar Panels?

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Gedro says:

That video ended quite abruptly.

william henkels says:

Looks like the last owner got the cheapest thermal panels they made!

Jay Arr says:

U should have installed a Tesla solar roof! They have tiles that are solar panels themselves

Shiro Amakusa says:

You should've given it to us…

TreyTrey22 says:

Now this is a B O X opening

Robert Cgraggen- NW SELF RELIANCE & OUTDOORS says:

Tear the rest apart and use the insulation panels for building new insulated bee boxes

Anthony Parish says:

That stuff is of water

Brent TV says:

Wow that panel would make a great solar wax melter for bees wax after you took the guts out.

Boonk Gang says:

Aren’t these things radioactive?

Robert Bob says:

He's been ending his videos mid-sentence or mid-word lately, what's going on with the editing?

James Witte says:

I would have reused to preheat the water for outdoor pool or hot tub …

johnny feathers says:

You better cash in on that copper..lol

Lil Chicky says:

Do more of what’s inside

The Watcher says:

Lol 34th comment lol great vid

jaspr1999 says:

I still say that the previous homeowner probably spent thousands on those panels and was just completely ripped off. Still, seeing the inside of these panels is very cool! Thank you!

Nikola Stoiljkovic says:

What's inside has left the chat.

Derpincomin 69 says:

Let’s all appreciate how Taras is doing this while recording and saying so much work.give this video and comment a like so people can see this.

PAUL REVERE 1776 says:

There's silver in them as well

Derpincomin 69 says:

This is now my last percentage and I’ll spend it on this.

Andrew Denham says:

Holy moley copper!

Adam Raaif Nasheed says:

I am. It was me all along. I was inside the thermal panel.

Daniel Johnson says:


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