What should I know Before Going Solar?

What should I know Before Going Solar?

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Are you Considering Solar? Watch This First! We walk you through 8 Major Areas where You should Ask Questions of yourself and any potential Solar Installation Companies before spending any money or signing any contracts on Solar Panels or PV Cells.

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Two Bit da Vinci says:

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Scott Bryant says:

if you dont go solar this day and age. you need wake up.. its the best thing in cost effective power..

Shantelle Adeline says:

Instructions from the Avasva site are perfect for beginners.

PH1M0 says:

Great info I hadn’t even considered before 👍 thank you

mohamed sheikh says:

You guys are great , I am taking class at our community collage .There is a lot to know about the sun position at a given time and angle etc. to have a system which will give maximum power and you touched on many points also .Thanks again,from Orange county

JP says:

Lol, homeowners are still under the impression they have to pay for solar. Find a good company *cough cough Horizon/Sungevity and do a PPA (free)

Duke Valefor says:

The problem is that solar is underdeveloped and underfunded. Governments and corporations should absolutely put everything they can into it. The amount of solar energy that hits the earth each day is enough to completely sustain our current level of energy use for 17 years. Ignoring that in favor of anything (oil, coal, natural gas) is like having a neighbor that throws stacks of money at your house but ignoring that to go to work every day anyway.

Eimpress Mie says:

do you qualify for financing ? solar panels save money but they also cost money. Before you apply ..let me give you a FREE credit analysis. If you have any blemishes on your credit report, I'll personally write you a customized dispute letter!

nicole achebo says:

Thanks for this very informative video! Saw a neighbor with solar panels and I thought "yes! I want that!" I've lived in IL state 22 years and this is the first solar house I've ever seen. So, I called some installers and they explained the process, the cost, the federal tax credits (26%) and state incentives (26%), net metering, inverters, conduits,etc.
Two of them want to install panels that will give me 103-108% solar power offset and a third one was 60% solar, 40% Comed utility. With net metering, how can I figure out much solar offset I really need?

Daniel Sloan says:

Well the first thing you do is make sure your Electric Co-op is solar friendly if not you will have problems right off the bat.

steve S says:

Concerning the "spectrum of efficiency" being 18-23 % , are you saying a 300 kwt panel is really only going to produce 54- 69 kwts?

David E. May says:

Good job guys, lots of great information. I live in Iowa and I'm interested in having solar panels installed on my house.

Christian Benett says:

So true. People who sale solar systems or believe it are the people who were buying WAKEUP NOW, MLA or whatever that bullshit called- Americans can be so stupid

Ramjitti Indaraprasirt says:

Looking to install a 3.5 KW solar panel & grid system in middle of 2021. Electricity in Bangkok is quite expensive and we will be retiring in 2021. Bangkok registers about 2623 hours of sunshine during the year. I have been told that it is feasible to use the soalr system from 7AM-17.00PM then switch to grid system at night. This will help lessen the cost of electricity from grid. Return on investment is about 3-4 years. Appreciate your comment.

Johnny Gonzales says:

You look like Kobe Bryant my friend😜

victor calderon says:

Can you get solar without telling your electric provider

3dcad says:

Alabama residents:

Don't overdo it with your panels. If you have excess energy that gets fed back to your local power company, YOU WILL NOT GET PAID FOR ANYTHING. This is just how Alabama works, even though they are 25th on the list of renewable energy states.

Tim Collins says:

Bad reccomendation – because people on the grid have no control over how much thay are or will be charged. By all means as your first step, work out you usage in kilowatts and do everything you can to reduce it without compromising your required lifestyle.

Kenny D. says:

Can you use any other good batteries like forklift batteries(the huge ones that the electric forklifts run on)I have plenty of space and a south facing hill. Could I make enough to run 2 houses and sale to electric companies

TheDinkybird92 says:

Please learn to talk to the camera bud

Chivo R says:

Right now I got a contract for 25 yrs 140 a month with a 3.99% interest, wanted to know if that is a good deal? I live in Arizona with alot of sun. Should I proceed with this contract or should I look somewhere else. Forgot to say the total of everything will come up to 21,000 that is including the interest fixed to this.

tiagovirago says:

There are also vampire contracts. Predatory solar companies that will rape your future though contracts

The_Godfather says:

What happens in the event of a grid power outage while having a solar system

The_Godfather says:

What a great video and tons of great information, thank you,,,i have my appointment on Thursday to meet with Power Home about the possibility of going solar.

Money guy says:

are you guys gay

Leto Idaho says:

Do all gays have solar roofs?

Chris Laque says:

Solar is not efficient on days hotter than 75 degrees. If u dont buy the panels out right it is not worth it. If u dont have a battery system to go with solar. Dont go solar.

Timothy Olabiyi says:

Keep up the Great Work!

Raigo Viltrop says:

We have energy and network fees on separate bills and they are both about the same. So basically if I want to get the whole bill to 0 I need to sell 2 times more than I buy as the network charges every kWh I have bought luckily they don't charge the fees when I sell.

jerry mceachern says:

I wish someone would make a video on Solar for those of us that have to deal with REAL power solutions like AC. Not everyone lives in CA, thank God.

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