What If We Covered the Sahara With Solar Panels

What If We Covered the Sahara With Solar Panels

Can the whole world be powered by solar energy? Not by coal, oil, and natural gas but by the sun. It’s actually not that far from becoming a reality. And we already have this technology! So why don’t we put solar panels up everywhere? Well, it’s also not as simple as it seems…

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Great idea or just a bummer? 1:01

Donate your money, ladies and gentlemen! 2:17

So what do we need (except money)? 2:58

Why aren’t we hauling solar panels to the Sahara? 5:04

If you’re an experienced negotiator, let me know 6:12

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– Solar panels require space. Sure, they’re not gigantic constructions – a single home utility panel measures, on average, about 65 x 39 inches.
– Solar panels can’t be installed just anywhere. Since they collect sunlight, they need a place where there’s a lot of it every day. That’s why some regions of the world just aren’t suitable for these things.
– To build and install enough panels to power a decent-sized city, you’ll need hundreds of millions of dollars.
– The Sahara, if covered completely in solar panels, would generate 79 terawatts per year. That would cover everything we need plus some!
– There’s the issue of transporting solar energy across the sea, which would be no easy feat to say the least. New power lines would need to be built, and brand-new infrastructure would have to be introduced.
– Expenses aside, there’s also the question of working with local leaders. You see, the Sahara belongs to several countries at once, so to build anything at all there, you’d need permission from all of them.

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Hey there guys, would you rather travel to the Sahara or Antarctica?

riaaz jem says:

Do as Immediately set solar panels In sahara.it's make country richest

ryan sweeney says:

Europe commission should talk to China and India to build the biggest solar farm on the planet and in human history

Ashish Agrawal says:

Why copy What If?

Jasper Pessemier says:

Lost my interest when you said 79 terawatts per year. Clearly no scientific/engineering background if you say something like that.

Anas Siddiqui says:

u copied the content from "what if"

No Cake No Code says:

Main problem is the wind, solar panels will easily get covered in sand within days of installing which will reduce their efficiency significantly, a solution to tackle this would be to build them higher off the ground but for that you will need a very sturdy structure which will increase the implementation cost and may cause maintenance to be a challenging task.

I still believe that smart engineers already have that figured out such as building automatic solar panels sand wipers and cleaners that are high quality, durable and long lasting.

One innovation that I personally find fascinating is "Solar hot air balloon
", so much air space unused making the possibilities limitless!

CCJJ160Channels says:

Yea, l could see China working with some of these countries in Africa, China then builds a ton of these solar panels and they get a huge cut.

Dakarai Moonshade says:

2020 anyone?? 🤗🤗

Ajay Jain says:

Won't Africa get back the money which is spent by the cost of electricity it will charge on consumers across Africa and Europe as well!!??

M.J. de Bruin says:

There are dessert's on every continent we can use for solar enegie harvesting. And we don't have to get rid of the desserts completely, shrinking them is the better solution, some creatures depend on the desserts. And we have to reduce our own reproduse numbers ,two ofspring each, would help the earth enormously.

Nikith Kora says:

Maybe u should give credits to the channel WHAT IF coz it too uploaded the same video

Kieran Mullen says:

Robot comments? Panels have a lifespan and there's no recycling program in place

Stan Rodgers says:

15 square foot panels? (65×39=17.6 square feet, rounded to 18 = 17% basic math inaccuracy), then to say 10 to 50 per house, how is this useful "information"?

Justelinu says:

The Free energy from the Sun can be stored in Batteries and then transported anywhere around the World like they do with oil today.
Not clever saw it on TV years ago.

David Humphries says:

Not so silly. Saudi Arabia are planning a 1GW solar plant on the same principle.

Viva La Stockport says:

No other than Elon Musk can accomplish something so bold and ambitious

sneltoch heheheh says:

I think decentralisation is the keyword, because the political problems will be huge if not. Solar doesn't have to be the full 100%. Let's start and do 20% e.g.

Rosan Adrian says:

I love your videos, but please don't use that rolling effect when you swap images, make me feel dizzy 🙂

Cucasfcp Subbing says:

What if the Sahara was filled with trees? Would it be enough to absorb all our C02?

trillian1964 says:

If only the US and China had deserts. Oh wait…

cujoe Mblakka says:

All of the Sahara does not need to be covered with glass. We need trees also, fresh air, and prescipitation.

Carlos Malave says:

Raising the efficiency of the solar panels to capture the most light is extremely essential to the success of a project like this.

Jain Jose says:

Why waste time and money on solar .we can power the entire Europe with nuclear power using little space and money .just ask France about that

Flavius Tech says:

What if i would have had 2 billion dollars in my account!!!

MondoTV says:

100’s of millions? Try 10’s of trillions and thats just for the solar farm. 7 odd billion people on earth so $1000’s of dollars per person.

Genius by Design says:

independent home 1K solar is sufficient … the Elites WILL never allow the slaves to be energy independent !!!

Paulina Dackiw says:

This is GREAT!!! I think we should have solar panels on the houses! But then there's the problem with the countries that never get sun!

The Tag Market says:

Go see what they are doing in Morocco… Awe-inspiring – and should set the example for what can be done. https://youtu.be/ZSDo67E1k3s

Urban Woodworking says:

Er no! You come to the right conclusions with the wrong reasoning.

Solar panels in the Sahara would extract energy, and when you extract energy air temperature goes DOWN not UP. So the Sahara would cool and attract rain from DESCENDING moist air currents and turn into something like the Levant 3000 years ago

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