What If We Covered Our Roads with Solar Panels?

What If We Covered Our Roads with Solar Panels?

We sure love our roads. We love them so much that we seem determined to pave the entire world. But maybe roads can become the future of renewable energy. That’s right, roads as energy generators. How? By building them with solar panels. Do we have the technology? Could we power the entire world? What are the drawbacks?

Transcript and sources: https://whatifshow.com/what-if-we-covered-all-the-roads-with-solar-panels/

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What If says:

Subscribe to our second channel called "How to Survive": https://bit.ly/how-to-survive-by-what-if

JRChadwick says:

You got the biggest roadblock of them all, it's completely impractical to make solar panels that you can drive on and it will be unsafe to drive on and extremely expensive to maintain.

Ray Watson says:

Goigle "Solar Freakin Roads" and see what a complete failure it has already become.
Old news!

Jhon Nro says:

Too much music can't hear you properly

Lassi Kinnunen says:

This is literally the dumbest channel and dumbest comment section on the internet.

It's even dumber than spirit science. Because it acts like this isn't already a meme and asks what ifs that have solid answers already.

The road is the last place you should be covering with them. Theres actual data that it's a stupid idea too. From actual installations. There's not any sort of maths with which the placement of the panels under the road makes any sort of sense.


Adamya Gupta says:

It's still an if …….🙄

cooperstan581 says:

This would work great , but we would have to BAN DRIVING on them.

Wacky Venky says:

So…. No flying cars then?

Storin t'Kel says:

The Netherlands built a Solar Bikepath. Generated 3000 kWh… My question is over what time span? On the LED screen it says "Energy Today: 0,01 kWh".

DJ Ash says:

Dirt would cover the panel’s better to use a pressure plate so when cars run over power is produced

Sabrina Seidel says:

I like the idea of the sides of roads and road markings being solar panels. It’s cheaper, mitigates most of the slippery roads issue, and would be a good way to test how to improve the panels before covering entire roads. And with that, entire roads might not even to be covered in panels.

Todd Whittle says:

No research needed the tech already exist.. look up solar freaking highways

wsky says:

Somebody let Mr. Beast know

Ghost Reaper says:

Latvijā tā jau dirsā ar tiem ceļiem.😂😂😂😂

Standalone SlimShady Edits says:

Elon Musk the happiest person 😂 if this happens

wensou says:

This is the worse idea ever. Solar panels literally anywhere else is a better than putting them on roads.

David Reyes says:

Why not the side walks instead
Cars cover the roads and block the sun, people have a smaller foot print and roads would stay the same and wouldn’t be susceptible to slippery conditions on plastic. And with heating elements it would help people when walking. Plus you wouldn’t have to “reinvent” the tires.

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