What if We Cover The Desert With Solar Panels?

What if We Cover The Desert With Solar Panels?

What if We Cover The Desert With Solar Panels?
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Underworld says:

What do you think of the title? We are considering 2 variations, let me know your favorite!

Should We Cover The Desert With Solar Panels?


What if We Covered The Desert With Solar Panels?

dsparks149 says:

And this will made the world a better place to live and of course it always about the money 💰

bobrokstr says:

Very interesting. Thanks for such content. Also, solar energy sector is growing and in high demands now. I found this just before coming to your video. People can check these videos to grow knowledge in solar sector


Richard Kuehn says:

Sand storms and perpetually shifting sands will be a problem to overcome.

giggle bush says:

put roombas on the panels and bam no need for water

Randall Slaughter says:

Now wait a minute: if you install solar panels because the desert doesn't have rain clouds blocking the sun, and then the panels themselves cause more rain clouds to form… 🤔

Streaming now Streaming now says:

There will be Soooooo many dead Birds.

JAMES Just James says:

Having a large area of the desert covered with panels, may allow plant life to grow, because moisture will not evaporate as fast. Allowing any water that may fall, to stay longer, there could be grass growing under solar panels, in mid desert! Where ever they go, we do need alot more solar, or renewable energy , we must stop burning coal! If everyone had solar panels for roofs, it would supply most , all or even more than needed , we must do better or we will not have a planet suitable for living!

Michael Lawson says:

Wind and solar are dirtier than coal . Do your maths and see . All those products last for 10 to 20 years and have to be replaced . The wind turbines rust away and must be constantly serviced . They are painted with hundreds of gallons of plastic paints which have to be repainted and are environmentally toxic.. The blades are plastic and fiberglass , occasionally metals which rust and must be replaced . The solar power plants have tons of plastic and chemicals ( photovoltaics) and the pannels also have to be replaced every few years . How much waste , which is not recycled comes from this . Do you know how expensive it is just to dismantle and scrap all of that , never mind replacing it with the more expensive up to date versions . Get real . Wake up . This is a bulldust brainwasher and is government subsidized with your tax money . Do your homework.

Monster RR says:

This a terrible idea that would surely lead to extinction of the desert tortoise, not to mention lots of people like me live in the so cal desert and we like the nature how it is

Ogmios Soimgo says:

a maintenance nightmare besides screwing up the desert for all the wildlife there

TheoryGlobe says:

Good video brother!

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