What If the Sahara Desert Was Covered With Solar Panels?

What If the Sahara Desert Was Covered With Solar Panels?

In a world exhausted of fossil fuels, solar panels can provide a sustainable solution to our energy problems. But they also come with a couple of issues: for one, solar farms are massive, and they have to be set up somewhere that gets a lot of sunlight.

Now, if only we had a large mass of unused land that gets guaranteed sunlight everyday… Could we cover an entire desert in solar panels? Would that be enough to power the entire world? What kind of problems could we run into?

Transcript and sources: https://insh.world/tech/what-if-we-covered-the-entire-sahara-desert-with-solar-panels/

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Heinrich Joubert says:

Ummmm use Australia? Simple.

Dan Potman says:

That would require some serious infrastructure to house the inverters to keep them at a workable temperature and the amount of issues and maintenance that would be needed in such an environment is insane. They would need to build a city in the Sahara before this could be possible with a community dedicated to keeping it going the size of London..

you do you says:

Africa isn't a lab or testing ground for your benefit people seem to forget that

Not offended by this video just saying

You tea Tube says:

That’s Morocco 🇲🇦 ♥️ 🇲🇦

chloe says:

so basically if all politicians were reasonable and stop thinking bout themselfs,ut would help the whole world.

Tinotenda maposa says:

I see y’all used Zimbabwe as that unstable government 😂

Miha Nivazn says:

Why such a stupid radical ideas that destroy even more enviroment?
If just every house put solar to their roof we have abundance of energy…

Galt Pro says:

Solar cell is expensive for a poor country.
Solar cell also consumes a lot of space to produce desired energy output. Plus the maintenance.
And the weather.
It also kill birds

-_-_-_ says:

Okay so the sand sits in the hot all day, but now cover it and put some shade of the sand, and the sand gets even more hotter in the shade ? I stopped watching this dude once he started making up his own shit saying islands are sinking ( even though it's the water that rises each year ) I'm completely done watching this dude, and there's actually people who watch this that believes all this shit, so I'm outta here, gotta report this dude or do something that will make sure his videos dont show up on my phone

-_-_-_ says:

Dont understand why we dont just buy a massive piece of land, wall it, and bam simple

Mia Howard says:

What if everyone turned their lights off at the same time??

strykr360 says:

this is such a bullshit progressive campaign propoganda video.

Lanna's Missing Link says:

What about the animals that live there though..?

Shantelle Adeline says:

I took great plans from Avasva . It help me a lot with my own solars.

Joe says:

What is this ‘what if’ bs? Let’s just do it!

Miha Vatovec says:

What if on every roof there will be solar panels

fadrium says:

Everything is about cost, especially maintenance cost for a long run, started capital for traditional Power plant, and solar plant will just about the same, but maintenance cost of servicing part oil and lubricant for ordinary power plant is cheaper compared to cleaning and servicing every solar panel for every day in the desert.

Naimul Sattar says:

Background music a bit loud, tiny bit

Thakur Atharva says:

SA has problems . But we can surely build solar panels throughout the thar desert .

ananya kypa says:

If only man wasn't so selfish!😡

Natural man says:

this solar projects are destructive to nature. They should be placed on houses not to destroy the deserts.

Donavan B LoForte RPN, RCRT, LCRT says:

good bye Amazon Forest


0:55 clip from Gujrat, india 🇮🇳🇮🇳

AJ Beats says:

What if you face reveal

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