What If All Houses Were Covered With Solar Panels?

What If All Houses Were Covered With Solar Panels?

Rise. and. shine! Get up and seize the day! You can do anything under the sun…when the sun powers everything. Your phone, your home, and all that’s in between. This is life on the golden grid. But is it the utopia we thought it would be? In 2018, the state of California passed a law requiring all new houses to be built with solar panels after 2020. Now you might think that sounds both extreme and unfair, considering it will raise home prices by as much as $12,000. But it’s a lot more sensible than you think.

Transcript and sources: https://insh.world/science/what-if-all-houses-were-covered-with-solar-panels/

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schubi128 says:

If we want to cover all the aerea which is covered with man made structures with solar panels we easily could cover our energy demands. Unfortunately to produce this massive amount of solar panels we need 10 times the energy consumption we have anually anyway which we don't have in spare.

Mike G says:

That would never happen. That would be super detrimental to the earth.

amanda o says:

Gravity batteries!

Super Sailor Moon Crystal says:

Dude, now it's 2020!

CUBETechie says:

But how should houses be build to harvest as much energy as possible?

edi wow says:

This benefits philippines more but its really expensive

Vivek Kumar says:

what if humans are not the real inhabitants of this planet and are here for survival cause they are the most superior race on this planet?

Kairi Loops says:

The we won't be traveling like in Twin Peaks.

Monster Gonzo says:

This is already happening. Here at least. Every new house built has them. 'N no, it doesn't significantly raise home prices.

Ganesha k s says:

Did you just use the amazing Spiderman 2 scene with the electric guy?

Kayla Dalziell says:

My dad owns a solar company, Im in Australia 🙂

Irish Spartan Studios says:

California needs MORE energy, and LESS heat.

Lucas Schmitte says:


Moop Poop Zippp says:

So what if why don't you make a video of "what if the world without patents".

pɹɐʍpı̣ʍbs ʇɹoɟ ǝɹı̣ɟ ɐ uı̣ ǝı̣p says:

We would run out of sun

Wdgamerguy says:

All I know is I am about to get solar so yeet

Zark Mellers says:

ONLY 14%? that would be a amazing even for wyoming

Jesse Kohl says:

Birds would be engulfed in flames.

ElfcatBayPoint says:

Only note here: it's a bit of a technicality to say Wyoming could cover only 14% of its energy needs by covering HOUSES with modules; obviously there's plenty of room there for ground rigs, and plenty of hills to run pumped hydro or rail storage. To say nothing of the famous great plains wind profile.

Red panda says:

The Middle East would be happy with solar power

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