What are the Best Solar Panels on the Market going into 2020?

What are the Best Solar Panels on the Market going into 2020?

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What are the Best Solar Panels on the Market going into 2020?//
In this video I go over the three perspectives of people that would want to know what the top solar panels are in the market in 2020. Number one being the homeowner, the Solar Consultant and also the Solar Business owner.

Find out what i have to say and what my personal favorite sell is for solar.

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Christian Axios says:

Thanks for the Support to all of my loyal subscribers always being the first to watch when i upload! Also, in one of my next videos i will be going into the requested " Future of The Solar Industry" So stay tuned!

JaMarr John Johnson says:

Very enjoyable I will be reaching out today! 4/20/2020 πŸ‘πŸΎ

IbrahimHoldsForth says:

what is this.


Lol I almost swiped away when the Dr Pepper skit came up.

BelowMars says:

4:45, there are dozens types of solar panels out there besides just mono and poly, these 2 are just most common. And both tech will be obsolete in the near future and will be replaced with new types of panels(in solar panel terms, 10 years would be considered near future because normally it takes 15-20 years to recoup the cost of the installation). Also, the video would've been much more informative with more tech specs, such as efficiency etc, cost/watt, area/watt, and let consumers know what's coming in the future, new techs etc.

Ninja Nate says:

I can't believe you haven't gotten a troll yet. 19-20-21-22-23 5 companies in 5 year's? But I heard that is the solar business at this moment in time.

Jess Kudewicz says:

Love this video!!!

Lisa Callanan-Axios says:

This is great and informative and very funny too!

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