Uponun Solar Street Light

Uponun Solar Street Light

Uponun Solar Street Lights Outdoor Dusk to Dawn with Remote Control/Motion Sensor, IP65 Integrated Cool White/Warm White Solar Area Security Lighting for Pathway Garden Courtyard Parking Lot Driveway

link to buy- https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08GS2NG8G/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_sbhsFbW8YGGT8



Michael Walker says:

How are they holding up? Any decrease in light or durability?

Ryan Sears says:

Do you still like it and need to see a finished product

Abubakr Braaji says:

Great review, does it last all night

med k says:

Real life video and honest ,thank you 😊

Ivan H Munguia says:

For best results, install/mounted just below the roof on the wall.. It will reach a greater distance if placed high near the roof.

imachku says:

How well have they held up

kanno1505 says:

@5150GringoGarage I bought 6 and they are not that bright. How long should I charge them before I get their 100%?

bharat rathi says:

Dude I have an open area of 10m/10m can you suggest me how much power street light I should purchase

Bowfishing Falcon says:

Gotta get me some of those lights for my property, thanks ,great review video 👌🏼

James Zorb says:

Still holding 5 months later?

Vinsanity says:

Is there a setting where these turn on automatic at night?

Terry Reyes says:

Wait he sends you a light gor free and you appreciate it by making fun of his name smh 😒🙄

david carpenter says:

i just bought a pair of them

david carpenter says:

This dude should do stand up

Salvador Ramos says:

The lamps are not available any more on Amazon. Have another link?

Michael Webb says:

how long does it last on different power settings? all night?

Christopher Vela says:

One of the best reviews I've seen in a long time.

This is real life and the honest way people usually test things.

Thank you for the humor and the honest review man

linnmagic says:

Any update?Is the light still functional ?

Lee Lucas says:

I am a manufacturer of solar street lights and solar panels from China. Those who purchase these products can contact me

Leroy José Cortés says:

Thank you my friend

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