Unboxing the Patriot Power Generator | Solar & Safe to Use Inside

Unboxing the Patriot Power Generator | Solar & Safe to Use Inside

https://4pats.live/x8t Finally… a 1-of-a-kind generator worth its weight in GOLD

This little workhorse of a generator is so popular… our first run of 500 solar generators sold out in 11 days. Our second run sold out in 12 days. People can’t believe that this lightweight solar generator…

— Charges for FREE in the sun
— Fume-free, silent and SAFE to use indoors
— Powers your fridge, freezer, phones & medical devices
— 250+ customer reviews
— [NEW!] Easy monthly payment plan
— [NEW!] FREE bonus gifts

Imagine this… 💭 A Gasless 💭 Silent 💭Portable 💭Easy to Use 💭Solar Powered Generator.
Get to know our incredible Patriot Power Generator 1800.

———————————————Items Featured In This Episode————————————————————-
Patriot Power Generator 1800: https://4pats.live/x8t

– Lithium-iron-phosphate battery rated for 2,500+ life cycles
– Dimensions: 17” L x 7.5” W x 10.5” H
– Weight: 40 lbs.
– Arrives 95% charged – use it right out of the box!
– Holds charge up to 12 months
– Includes one (1) 12V/100w foldable solar panel
– Solar panel measures 42.5” L x 1” W x 26.5” H




Chayhe Ramirez says:

Pretty lady.

chris p says:

i actually want this in a customr rv i want to build

Tim Waters says:

Would like to mention a couple aspects to your design. As I watched this Video I noticed that in the way/position you decided to demonstrate the adjustable multi angle legs, the unit may not be adjustable to all angles to fully take advantage of suns angle. Perhaps re-configuring the legs so that they telescope out to a long length would provide a greater degree of angle. The other aspect I would like to mention is to reverse how the solar panels fold into/together, expensive as a quality solar panel cost are, why not also re-configure the way the panels fold so that they face each other and are protected by being enclosed when shut, not in use and or when being stored, possibly moving around as when taking your unit to a camping adventure for better security in protecting the faces of the solar panels?

Anthony G says:

Watching this as I stair at my Ecoflow Delta 1300

Elise Geiman says:

How much sun is needed to charge the generator? Would it be able to charge on a cloudy day? Would I be able to use it during the winter months as well?

Geo Man says:

Perfect for a house boat, mono-haul boat or a catamaran. 👍

Pat Cavanaugh says:

It powers a fan, but what about a window air conditioner? It gets pretty hot in the summer, and even the air conditioner doesn't always suffice. Also, what about he easy pay plan? … and the price.

Vidal Velasquez says:

I Live This Thing. I Used The Solar Power Generator At Camp Outings, During Picnics, AND Even Ran A Small Refrigerator From Hartford, Connecticut to Front Royal, Virginia…. That's A 7 Hour Drive WITH NO ISSUES…. I Highly Recommend This Machine… Perfect For Any Situation and or Emergency.

val chacon says:

Please do a video on daisy chaining solar panel to the Patriot 1800. How many will it take to cut the charge time in Half or less then half… The Amps and Watts limits on charging. Thanks

Bill Hinson OutDoors says:

This is most definitely on my list of emergency power for SHTF Situations

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