Total Cost Of Our Off Grid Solar System

Total Cost Of Our Off Grid Solar System


Ever wonder how much money it costs to get off grid solar power? In this video, you will get a breakdown of all the materials we bought for our solar system. We include the prices and where we bought everything from, including all mounting and wiring materials.


1. Charge Controller:

2. Inverter:

3. Junction Box/ Switchgear Box:

4. Control Panel:

5. Combiner Box:

6. Solar Panel Breaker:

7. Extra Solar Panel Cable (for H4 Style Cable):


1. DIY Solar Panel Ground Mount:

2. Off Grid Solar Panel Install:

3. Running Conduit And Wire:

4. Wiring Solar Panels And Mounting Batteries:

5. Mounting Equipment And Making Battery Jumpers:

6. Finishing Touches And Getting Solar Power:



Bob A says:

How the heck do people get other people to pay for their "dreams"? I am sure this couple are upstanding citizens, but they are boring. Like Chip and Joanna Gaines, do not understand their popularity. They are silly and not very entertaining.

Lynard Ajero says:

What? That's 500k in the Philippines. But its really awesome since you guys are on sustainable source of electricity.

ko dule says:

Here in Omaha, Nebraska, my electric cost is $15 $20 , but the service charges is anywhere from $50 $75, and I am trying to move out off this city . Same thing to water heater too.

YouTube Sucks says:

Sounds like you should have invested in a wind turbine.

Saeed says:

After 11 years or so you may need to change the batteries depending on their life span. God forbid but also charger or inventor could go wrong etc. The best thing about solar is not about cost. It’s about being free from electric company, power shortages and all the inconvenience that comes with it. Nice work. Should have told us how much power you are pulling at the end and how much you are actually using.

Moneta Huff says:

Why did you guys choose Texas to live? Just curious

Kretvk says:

The grand total amount is almost a modern home in my country lol

Jennifer M says:

😘❤💋 ALL U NEED IS LOVE ❤🥰🥳5/13/20

Durtywax 129 says:

Nice system! How many kWh’s have you generated? $2500 would be enough to make a system that could power a house in my opinion.

Flintlock Le Roux says:

Well done, an inspiration for young and old.

Rajkumar Patoliya says:

You guys crazy living your dreams. Truely Inspiring for me. So far this is 19th video I’m watching in a day starting from morning. Love you guys. Happy dream living. 🙌🏼🙏🏼 🇮🇳

isabel garcia says:

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abc ff says:

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Joe Nop says:

Love you guys channel.  Im in Florida (Ft. Myers) what part of Florida are you all from, and where in Texas did you move to?

J G says:

Just subbed. Congrats on making this lifestyle happen!
Did you have to do any modification on the ev batteries?

Jim Jones says:

11 years to pay off, crazy

Sourav Bhati says:

It's good but costly

n7hevn says:

But… What is your daily power consumption?!

Colin Bradford says:

Great to watch you two well done I do hope you three are safe . From colin bradfor in the uk.

Nexxo Exxon says:

You would think solar technology would be cheaper in today's eco movement but it's still expensive as hell. $10K isn't too bad considering those batteries is going to last you about 10 to 15 years. After 10 years, the only recurring cost are battery replacements.

Galactic Commander says:

Great vid! Is it a 3kw system? How many kWh do you guys use?
What do you run on it?
Can you use these existing parts to expand to what size system with just more panels? Thanks!

Galactic Commander says:

This may be a very silly question but why don’t people mount their ground panels on like a see-saw mount so you can just face them the other way too when the sun moves? Thanks for the vid!

Justin Malott says:

A couple things for people interested in solar energy may consider along with the comments about the longevity and maintenance of solar, i.e. battery expense.. like all other technology its constantly evolving between that and more competition its constantly becoming more and more affordable to do solar set ups. It is well documented that cost of solar setups is dropping by 10-20% per year. Another thing to consider is that if you are producing more power than you are using in a lot of places you can actually be connected to the grid and sell off the excess of your solar energy through a system called net metering. Obviously not an option for everyone but they are things to consider.

Michelle Amaya says:

I’m binge watching your videos 🙂

francisco camejo says:

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Joseph Diveley says:

I'd rather buy property with a stream on it to create hydro electric. I'm not a big fan of solar energy because storms can easily damage and knock them out. Especially when you have them out in the open like that. You better build some kind of retractable cover for them during storms or flying branches and other things will lay waste to them. A small shed on a sliding track that you can slide over them during a storm could save you a LOT of money.

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