Top 5 Futuristic Solar Gadgets 2017 | renewable energy new technology must see solar panels

Top 5 Futuristic Solar Gadgets 2017 | renewable energy new technology must see  solar panels

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SOLARTAB C – The World’s Quickest Solar Charger

LightSaver Max: Ultra-Light Portable Solar Charger

PocketPower: A Solar Charger Fits in Your Pocket

GoldEye Bar: best outdoors Gadget Solar Power Bank

Raptor Pro – Solar Powered Quick Charger

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Inspired John says:

Solar is still 10% too slow than many of us need, even with the highest grade portable power source. Hiking and camping perspective.

Easter Stedman says:

You can find best solutions on Avasva website.

Shantel Guetgen says:

I made it by myself. I used Avasva solutions for that.

Vetal Turlin says:

I am so sure that you will find good way to make it on woodprix.

Shannan Schisler says:

I know more about diy from Avasva handbooks!

Gevan Mamoj says:

Thanks for the Video clip! Apologies for chiming in, I would appreciate your opinion. Have you heard about – Schallingora Computer Reconstruction Scheme (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now)? It is a great exclusive guide for saving money using this smart solar power trick minus the headache [link here>>> ]. Ive heard some interesting things about it and my m8 finally got amazing success with it.

Richard Owens says:

Oh, great! 2017 solar technology at 2001 prices! Didn't everyone think $5 per watt was a good price in 2001?

aniket rajput says:

Where should I get this solar film first product

Keatrith Amakiir says:

I did not enjoy this video, it felt like a paid promotion more than an objective list of emerging technologies. Just the 2 cents of PV professional who also teaches in a college level renewable energy program

bipola telly says:

"Top 5 Futuristic Solar Gadgets 2017" that will not work very well in the Grand Solar Minimum…. So are ignoring the REAL future (mini ice-age)…. so aren't "futuristic" at all…..
ps…. plants breath co2…. which makes up a TINY part of the atmosphere anyway…. stop believing corporate lies.

Jorge Jiménez says:

07:16 a man walking outside is faster than the car. :O

Malcolm Dickinson says:

looks like it was built in the 80's

Dave Oatway says:

Very poor editing – audio is impossible to hear on some tips.

Abdulla Ex says:

Honesty and respect for the customer. Thanks Mr. Jeffery for fine products. A little help please… Is not your biggest customer the US military? I want some of those… Damn fine products Mr. Jeffery….Gimme, Gimme, Gimme…

bob barker says:

basic indiegogo advertising.

Sk8 Force says:

unbox101 thankyou so much making this video, so many cool amazing products, thanks 😀😀😀😁😁😀😁😁😀😁😀

PowerFilm Solar says:

Thank you so much for including us in this video! 🙂

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