Top 4 100w Solar Panels Tested! Renogy vs. HQST vs. Rich Solar vs. NewPowa

Top 4 100w Solar Panels Tested! Renogy vs. HQST vs. Rich Solar vs. NewPowa

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dthatthe says:

Hi. Thanks for the informative and helpful videos…
Any chance you can help me with a recommendation?
I have a workshop with 3 x 36v, 7A panels in Parallel feeding a 12v flooded battery setup. Can you recommend a budget MPPT controller PLEASE?
I have a no name 30a mppt 12/24v controller which, even though I set the parameters to less than battery voltage, it still charges at high currents. I'm not sure if this is because the panel voltage dictates the output voltage (over ruling my manual settings) or what! (I've tried 2 of this same controller with same results)
Anyway, can you recommend a budget MPPT controller for 12v systems that allows for a 36v panel input?

Help truly appreciated … Dave

Margie Callahan says:

Can I expect the same performance from these companies' suitcase panels of the same wattage?

VanishingNomad says:

None of them are doing 100 watts

The 81 watt ones are the ones you want.

The other two are weak.

geekchaser says:

Sorry, couldn't help but notice that those panels are partially shaded…

william Gebhardt says:

I went with the Newpowa for the following reasons which you helped me with.
1) Cost per width…The Newpowa is narrower that the Rich And HQST ( who cares how much distance goes horizontally?, it just goes towards the sky).
2) Output…81w vs 74W=7% more output

buggzo says:

I have a feeling the sun reflecting off of the white RV skewed the results just a little bit which is why the two on the left and the two on the right have similar readings

TRu-Florida 44 says:

Great video, new sub just in.

Jessica Roper says:

I absolutely love all your videos and your helping us sooo much!!! We are in the middle of building our off grid cabin as right now and I couldn’t have done it without the solar info I’m learning from you.

Dennis Moran says:

exactly what i needed to hear and when i needed to hear it! (well, it could have been before the last 3 days i wasted trying to scrouynge a fraction of that info). also revealed how so many amazon reviews are plants and shills…..or just plain ignoramouses pretending to know something that frequently proves false. nothing beats evidence to impress.
i'm left with 1 question: i'm debating between a renogy 170 watt vs a newpowa 200 watt. even tho the newpowa has a lesser efficiency, would the higher wattage translate into more juice? or maybe you think the rich 190 watt or the ecoworthy 195 watt would be the better contender (permanent flat mount on rv)

Kevin Bahe says:

The watts are so close that your next choice would be!?? Low and behold purchasing the cheaper panel.!!! Correct??

Kevin Bahe says:

Sure hung up on the packagaging and frame construction and size!! Wow stop beating a dead horse! Get to the meat!! I could give a * about anything except output! I mean really dude go back to your original purpose to buying a solar panel and then talk.

chester1013 says:

I need to make more power with less panels. I know they weigh more and cost more. Which one is the best?

Deep Heat says:

This is a very simple question for anyone that actually seems, for some reason. to be hard to answer…. I need to connect the solar controller panel & inverter up to my battery. I only have 1 set (+ & -) of clamp connectors on there. Would it be OK to feed the "+" wires of BOTH the panel & inverter into the same connector slot & same for "-" ?

nathanielwfleming says:

Could you leave a link to the HQST you are testing in the video? Thank you.

Nigel Alderton says:

But what did they cost? You said "a lot of them are priced the same" so are they all roughly the same price?

Jeremie Mcknight says:

Very helpful sir! Thank you

Scott O says:

Aww… New Powa awe weally gweat! 🤣

james wilson says:

Yep all companies do this . Like medication, you will find the cheap brands have the exact same coding on the package as the expensive brand .

Duke Stin says:

Total waste of time.

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