The Reason I Want A Baby Girl…

The Reason I Want A Baby Girl…

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The Nomadic Movement says:

We have gone back and forth for the last 3 months on whether we want a boy or girl. After this trip, the indigenous girl we met inspired us so much that we're really pulling for team girl! But really all we care about at the end of the day is that the baby is healthy 🙂

Gatubela Aleman says:

Quiero comprar café ☕️ dónde lo ordenó vivo en California usa 🇺🇸 hi 🙋‍♀️

Neritza Jackson says:

Thank you for sharing . Missing my beautiful Panama 🇵🇦 and my people. Can’t wait to go back ..! Is Magical 🤩🤩to say the least.

Geo Wallace says:

You guys are and amazing couple! And your brought gifts!

brandon HVAC/ANTS says:

Its gonna suck for your sone when he sees the title of this video and realized he wasn't wanted.

U.S.Slave says:

Another welder girl 😆

Wizard's Realm says:

o boy they made an extra video for us, yay. not true, they made a huge coffee commercial. Tim Boggs and Benji Kim killed Lee Mcmillan!

EmPret says:

I hope you going to give that family a package too … that little girl is going to be soooo proud to be on a package.

Bill Walker says:

Don’t see how to order your coffee

Beverly Powell says:

I love this!!! You should have named the coffee “Dydia.” Dydia means loving & domestic, tranquility, comfort, artistic, quality and healer. 💕

Dean The Vegan says:

Pleasant surprise with the video during the week. Great video like always!

Milly’s Boomer life says:

Ok guys got my 2 bags of coffee ☕️. I absolutely love Panama 🇵🇦 I used live there and loved it. I want to move back

Kelly says:

kaylee is such a queen in the thumbnail! and on this adventure being the ultimate trooper, not complaining at all about the hike. if anything relishing in it! life goals.

Deanna Stevens says:

Beautiful people and country, today we all need more of this. Simplicity and human kindness. Love this!!

Ania Wood, MA, M-NLP, Couples Counseling and Transformational NLP says:

Wow, the exchange of gifts is just such a beautiful human touch… I just LOVE that this is SO much more than a business transaction. What an absolute blessing to be able to connect with indigenous people who are living in balance with Gaia.

Marie Villagran says:

Made me cry when I saw your new label with that darling little girl's face!! So beautiful & so touching!!

stratos175 Escape says:

One of the best videos I've ever seen on You Tube, THANKS!!!!

Tarah says:

I don’t know why I just cried with the gifts. That so lovely at the end. I love humans helping others 😍

Chris Brisson says:

Two days ago you posted a video wherein you reported that Panama is locking down again due to covid. I hope the native people are safe. The virus hit the native people in the USA very hard.

Hazel ☘️ says:

Very interesting indeed … thank you … to see your enthusiasm to help those families and the people back at your village is so inspiring … pay it forward and you will always find peace and love in you life … 🙏☘️😘

Pegge Merkling says:

Kaylee, I just love watching your belly grow. The love, friendships and community you are making is so incredible and inspiring. Your new little one will grow up in such a rich environment. You will truly be living, raising your child with a village. I'm sure u must be excited to hear that Trent and Allie are now growing their own new life. This has been such an awesome journey to watch. Sending you all much love from Santa Cruz, California. ❤️🥰🤗

Michael Knauer says:

It is a great thing you are doing helping people out not taking advantage of a community that how it should be

K. C. says:

sweet, thank you

Kirk W says:

I love how friendly everyone is in small villages like that. Keep up the great content!

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