The Mystery Flaw of Solar Panels

The Mystery Flaw of Solar Panels

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Writer/Narrator: Brian McManus
Editor: Dylan Hennessy (
Animator: Mike Ridolfi (
Sound: Graham Haerther (
Thumbnail: Simon Buckmaster

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Thank you to AP Archive for access to their archival footage.

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Khalid Mohamed says:

I'm not gonna lie when he made that research appear like actual paper on a desk with the other slides I lost my cool lool honestly the best presentation skills I have ever seen.
Also, I know that feel, electronic photonics is one of the most difficult fields to self-teach, they use a lot of terminology even in some of the most introductory books and a lot of times they use different names for the same physics phenomena and just assume you know what they mean, very frustrating

Anton says:

Sorry but on 1:24. is not a nuclear power plant 😀

Techs Science says:

No matter how knowledgeable you are there is always something new to learn

varun prakash says:

Solar cell loses power because the surrounding temperature & silicon cells which flow of Electrons get stopped more over solar panel damage in rain & show to reduce its power & Wonderful video of Explanation of why solar cell loses its is energy research work made and Giviny exact conclusion & solutions to problems👍👍👍👍👍

TrumanHW says:

We HATE the SCAM language of … "Capacity" … it's BULLSHIT

Recoil Rob says:

I used to work in the solar panel manufacturing industry, and one of the things that I don't see discussed anywhere is the enormous energy invested in the creation of each panel. Whether 'renewable resources' are actually a good thing for the environment hinges around this number and the amount of time it takes the panel to pay back this energy deficit before it's actually making a profit…so to speak. In the case of solar….at the equator where the sunshine is the most direct with longest exposure time a panel will take about 7 years to pay back the investment….and up here in the North our sunshine is much weaker and shorter and most panels won't be able to pay back this deficit in their expected 20 year lifespan. So besides convenience where conventional power is not available there are many places on the earth where solar isn't a good investment of energy and far from our salvation.

While on a rant….the amount of energy per square foot is also pitiful compared to the energy consumed by say…a car. A parking space size panel array in Southern California where the sunshine is optimum will create enough energy to fuel a Tesla about one mile per hour. Sit all day at work…you get 8 miles worth of driving from it. Terrestrial solar is not the answer to our future energy needs IMHO.

Jordan Sage says:

This video is so misleading: LID causes losses of around 1.5-2% in P-type Silicon cells, there are lots of N-type Silicon modules in the market today at great prices that experience effectively Zero LID . . .

Note: I stopped watching at 1:45.

Emma - wir uns kennenlernen says:

1:29 erschreckend

Любомир Динков says:

0:15 to 0:20 – Forgot to add political push and monetary incentives despite producing DC current, which has to be converted to AC via complex and costly electronic inverters with their inherent losses adding to those discussed. And taking into account that this source of electricity is working only when it's not nighttime, not cloudy, and the panels are not covered in snow, and rarely when it's actually needed… Kind of hard to become the dependable backbone of the energy producing grid… Even if those 2% are solved for all the new panels produced from 2021 onwards, this is far from being the biggest problem of this technology!

ThatGuyFromDamascus says:

11:31 So plants that have no brain or science came out with the same results as the complex algorithms .. and you still think nature created itself?!

This shows the perfection of God's creation to the utmost level.. and when science shows it.. disbelievers regard it as just basic improvement.. but sincere scientists know that these signs of Supreme intelligence can only mean one thing

This case is an example of the watchmaker analogy and the irreducible complexity concepts.. i advise you to read about those before the day we meet our creator comes.

dcbee z says:

Solar panels are overated. They're high maintenance, expensive and neither are we benefiting from them as we should be. In Australia our electricity is forever increasing. It's an absolute scam. I lived for twelve years with solar panels and a diesel generator, obviously you are needing a back-up system. Also if it wasn't for my partner's father who was an Engineer, the cost of maintenance and setting up the panel for distribution from solar to battery would be a disaster as none of the "so called expert's" could not have arranged it as good and it would have cost a fortune into the thousands and it still would not have worked properly. Now living in the city, the current building has solar panels but of course they're not functioning all the time and sometimes the water isn't that hot. Anyway, overall it's not the simple and reliable, inexpensive system it should be and certainly not for "the faint hearted"

J B says:

Im going to kill myself

Con McGrath says:

Explain Allard's nomogram!

Connor Limburg says:

This is a great video holy crap.

Patrick Murphy says:

Come and let me know when they're efficient enough that they don't need tons of subsidisation.

icuclc says:

Very good content that is explained well, thank you for this episode.

My only knock on you is your use of the term “Fossil Fuels”. As someone in Engineering and Technical myself, I feel “Hydrocarbons” is a better suited word, as this encompasses renewable bio-fuels as well.

I know you have issues with “fossil fuels”, but what about renewables like bio-gas?

Also, I know we need energy diversity – but what success are we really going to have if we keep cutting down trees, and destroying earth’s natural carbon sinks?

I think one solution we should be exploring is looking at making the Fisher-Trope process more efficient at turning CO2 into methane (carbon capture and conversion).

Jimmy Craqcorn says:

I’d love a video of why solar panel cells create less electricity when they are hotter.

Mr Bumcraic says:

Great Segway into the sponsor
Very professional

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