The Best Solar Charger Power Bank Review 2019!

The Best Solar Charger Power Bank Review 2019!

I believe this is the BEST solar charger power bank on the market. The Blavor solar charger power bank is 18W, QC 3.0 power bank, Portable Wireless Qi Charging 10W/7.5W/5W with 4 Outputs & Dual Inputs. It’s IPX5 Waterproof and includes a flashlight & compass, making is the best 20000mAh solar power bank currently on the market. Learn more about the Blavor 20,000mAh solar power bank and order your own on Amazon here:

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Jackie Moon says:

i have a question please.

you can use a blink wifi camera, a wifi box and a battery pack to put CCTV anywhere without needed mains connections, like on a tree for instace but i am looking for a solar powered battery that will keep the equipment on for 100 days, what would make this happen or what can give me the longest time wiithout a battery change.

blackasapit says:

Clear, concise, and right to the point. Great video! Going to check one out for my go bag. Thanks.

Turco949 says:

For $50, it better be the best since it is the most expensive! I bought $15 ones that seem to work well enough. Mine seems to charge fast enough, has a bright LED light and I really do not care for wireless charging so, not sure what I am missing for not paying another $35?

Religious Reasoning says:

Can it charge while charging

ImaGeiBoi says:

Yay now I can go to the beach and make TikTok on how I’m stuck in the middle of the ocean

Tan Trinh says:

By your review, I just order one from Amazon for $47.99. Thank you.

Tanner Turtle says:

Picking up a couple of them to use in my oh shit bags.
Also great review really liked it!

gilhelps says:

It takes 40 hours to charge!! 😳

Betbel says:

Is this good for a 5.5" field monitor?

Jason Brace says:

I am looking for extra security in case I am out where there's no power ie camping. An just an emergency supply of juice.

Colby says:

I like power banks too lol.

Jessie's Drone Adventures says:

Thank you so much for making this video!!! Very helpful!

futuristic says:

5 years ago I was on a 2 hours train trip from Katoomba back to the city, and it was a solar power, it was a sunny day and my phone was dead flat and it charged my phone quick, I was even using the phone as it kept charging and by time I got back to Sydney it was 97 percent charged, it was about 20000 maH bt I unfortunately forgot what brand it was, that was the best charger I EVER had and I will eventually go back to Katoomba and ask the store which brand it was they sold about 5 years ago, I will buy it again

N V says:

I'm using one to change my phone and use in my heated jacket I charge the power bank in the car and solar so free power

LUIS PH says:

Too much talking man.

ZyYs s says:

bro dont forget type c fast charging!

Mason Nelson says:

This guy is so underrated, this is a quality YouTube channel

TN Gardener says:

I will be going out of the country in Feb. and want to make sure I have a way to charge my phone no matter where I am. Also want to take it camping and have it when my daughter goes hiking she can take it.

REPENT , for the Kindom of Heaven is at hand says:

Is it good for all iPhones?

love yourself says:

Hello! Where can I buy one?

unbroken1010 says:

I'm not sure about that a lot of reviewers said that the solar panels were not that good

Water spider says:

This is a 13 hour solor charge to fully charge ?

Water spider says:

How many charges is it good for how fast does it charge when charging from the wall.
Ill be using for hiking.

ishtar0077 says:

I want to give this as gift to outdoorsy niece that loves her cell phone

sherin raj says:

x dragon vs blavor

Alain Stewart says:

Looks like a great product. I'm considering getting one the 26800 mAh version for a 7 – 10 day hike on the Overland Track in Tasmania (and many more hikes to follow), where there won't be any power available, and I wont to document my trip on my Pixel 3a Xl which has a 3700 mAh battery. I think if it had a loop or handle which you could use a carabiner to clip onto your backpack to charge the solar cells while you're hiking would be a good addition, so you can get as much sun time as possible to prolong the charge of the battery.

JanWes Productions says:

I live in a country where electricity is scarce. That is why I need this power bank. How fast does it charge if I leave it in the sun?

Chris Sewell says:

You said its kinda good at harvesting solar power… how long does it take to fully recharge?

ne man says:

Do you have an opinion on the actual battery life? I see it has 3 batteries.

brian hansen says:

Great review, I’m getting a power bank mostly for disaster preparedness. I have ham radio for that purpose, but that radio doesn’t do me much good if I can’t keep it charged.

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