The 4Patriots Solar Power cell

The 4Patriots Solar Power cell

The 4Patriots solar power cell backup is a nifty little set up. I can charge your phone about 2-3 times off of a full charge and can charge two devices at the same time. The solar panel is 1.5w which isn’t a whole lot but can charge your phone in an emergency if need be.
The cell comes with 2 cords. A micro usb that it charges with and a Iphone charger. For $30 i have really enjoyed this product so far.



Jesus is my Lord and Savior Amen says:

Thank you for your review!.

Mack Goodman says:

I just got one of these, different brand. Hey have you thought about getting an amazon associates account so you could then put a link to things you review and make some money when people go to amazon. It is pretty easy to get an associates account

Coffee is the path to victory says:

Made in America?

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