Tesla Unable to Buy Its Own Solar Products

Tesla Unable to Buy Its Own Solar Products

Tesla seems to be unable to buy the solar cells for its solar roof or solar panels made by Panasonic in its own Gigafactory 2 and most of the cells that Panasonic makes are being sold to foreign companies most likely supplying Tesla competitors with their products. Let’s talk about it as I take your questions and comments during the LIVE stream!

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Timothy Moroney says:

We're making these in America so why aren't we making them w/American resources & collecting both income & tariffs as well as supporting American industry ?

MondoTV says:

Lets turn that argument about the solar roof on it's head please. They don't make sense because when it's time to replace your solar panels you have to replace your roof. And that is much more expensive. Most decent roofing materials have a longer life span than solar panels. And a solar roof is more expensive than a roof and solar panels combined.

Narek Begian says:

The solar panel industry was never viable. It was a bubble created by government subsidies. Now that western governments are ridden in debt they are stopping with the massieve subsidies.

So you are seeing the whole solar bubble collapsing. Buying solar city was a dumb move from tesla

Joe E Coyotee says:

have you ever thought about changing the music, I want to watch your videos please help

Doug Jessee says:

If Panasonic is making them and selling them to others, then how is Tesla selling products to their competitors? Click-bait headlines that purposefully misleads people on what is actually happening.

sam guapo says:

I thnk its time for Elon to focus on the solar business 🙂

Pink Elephants says:

Tesla has hired someone to sort out Solar City's problems – sorry can't remember his name @ the moment but they do have an impressive background.

Pink Elephants says:

Alex, FYI, Reuters is pronounced ROY-TERS not ROOTERS. Just as well you're not in Australia or New Zealand because ROOTERS has an entirely different meaning/connotation & you'd be getting some pretty funny looks. 😂😂😂😂

bbbf09 says:

Re the solar roofs. How come American roofs don't last long? My house (in the UK) was built 1910 with still same roof & zero problems. (Rose red clay tile type). Some slate tiIe roofs exist for hundreds of years. Whereas I read somewhere on the Tesla solar website that average roof life span in US is typical only 30-40 years? Or is this just marketing hype/ over exaggeration? If roof replacement was more frequent I might consider solar tiles. One problem I have getting round to solarisation is that the red clay tile roof fits the style of house very nicely – whereas covering it with great slabs of black would make it look seriously awful.

IMHO says:

The solar roof concept has a lot of flaws that people didn’t understand and Tesla hasn’t been able to predict. One problem is glass will last for hundreds of years, but the solar cells and weatherstripping won’t. If Tesla designed panels that allow the solar cell to slide out of the glass shingle and be replaced for a fraction of the price, then the “lifetime” warranty of the glass might have some value.

The other problem with Tesla solar roof is that it uses strings of panels going to string inverters. If they can get cost effective microinverters for each solar shingle, then the roof can accommodate more active solar shingles and make more power each day.

If Tesla can get this down to the cost of asphalt shingles and a standard rooftop solar installation, they can probably sell it, but right now it’s way way above that price.

Random Googler says:

I honestly dont know what makes Tesla's solar panels unique? Is it just the Musk holy blessing? Tesla's website sure doesnt help. The solar market is full of good products across all price levels with alot more information readily avaliable.

Alexander Bemar says:

You are saying that solar roofing don't need to change, unless the solar itself needs to be changed or both roofing and the roof change at the same time?

Lounge lizard says:

Why not just make the roof out of panels? Shigles are ridiculous.

Ken Braasch says:

It still comfuses the heck out of me. I’ve heard mention from a couple of people that wanted to buy these solar tiles for their homes about to be built that it would be years before they could even get them.

Piper A R says:

If Panasonic/Tesla are making the product and selling the product, then isn't it a difference between selling at wholesale vs selling at retail? Maybe selling solar generation at retail just isn't in Tesla's wheelhouse. At least not yet.

Add: It may have been unclear that I'm talking about the cost difference between a Tesla Solar Roof vs solar panels. I'm not talking about a Solar Roof vs asphalt with no solar.
The solar roof is great but it's a premium roofing product. There isn't much reason for a homeowner to bear the up front cost of anything more expensive than asphalt shingles, even if a steel roof lasts far longer.

Jim Whitehead says:

How to fix the problems with the solar roof at Gigafactory 2: ask Ben Sullins to get Elon a nice sleeping couch for the place. 🙂

Steve Bollmeyer says:

Rename it Kilofactory.

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