TESLA SOLAR PANELS in Minecraft (Sky Factory)

TESLA SOLAR PANELS in Minecraft (Sky Factory)

Today in we start our SCIENCE FAIR PROJECT in Sky Factory!

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Faint says:

Petition for SSundee to play Hypixel Skyblock

TheAmericanWolf says:

33,208 exactly

Jared Brockerhoff says:


Balkaran Singh says:

Ssundee – we need 54k likes in 12 hours
Viewers – 142k likes in 9 hours

Omar Bassam says:

ssundee sounds so smart when explaining what he needs

Bluelion_ Gaming says:

Ssundee: I want 54000 likes in 12 hours
Me: 8 hours we got 162000 likes

Alan Dominguez says:

Ssundee play PokΓ©mon go

pri nce says:

1 stack elite thingies next episode

Cole MC says:

He just "Rick and Mortied the multi-verse" that

diart. says:

54k in 12hours

121k in 9hours

Ree Kid says:


Darker Side says:

Look at how many technoblades are there

Miguel Opulencia says:

he got 10000 in next episode

muhammad darwiche says:

He was going to have 100000 elite solar panels

Pat Lloyd says:

Wait wait didn't this start by one tree

jost polak says:

He s gonna have 1000fotyy fot panels by next episode

King Ging says:

Welcome to science class

Dillan Fourie says:

130000 elite panels next episode

hi, Nico says:

Me 8hrs after wondering why there is almost 3x the like goal


where does he learn all this stuff

Beshir Hamoud says:

next episode he says he was busy meanwile he prob put down a black hole unit he says busy right in the black hole unit he prob has 2billion elite solar pannels


54k likes done

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