Tesla Solar Panels CHEAPER than a DIY Install

Tesla Solar Panels CHEAPER than a DIY Install

Comparing Tesla Solar Panels to DIY install from a local retailer.
Tesla is cheaper!

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DIY Setup – Single Inverter and MicroInverter



E K says:

Wholesale solar once upon a time had more reasonable costs. Your comparison, however, is valid, timely. 👍

This is especially true for people who don’t know what they are doing.

Having said this, we recently did a DIY installation of 10.2-kWh at around $1.00 per watt before incentives, without batteries, and on a fixed rack.

Skybiz says:

Cheap? You are counting $100/month Electric??? IN CA??? REALLY? What you get there? Dog House with 1 LED light? Average bill is $300 at least in CA I would say closer to $500/month.. And that $1.49/Watt only if you install Just Panels Alone.. but with the Tesla WALL's (batteries) you would probably need 3 or 4 of those (Batteries) that be another $5-7K each!.. Bingo now you looking into $50K range… America is RIPOFF for everything, Internet, TV, Electricity, you name it…. People installing 20 KW Solar systems in Australia for $12K ready or little over 50 cents per WATT, in India it's even cheaper.. THOSE Who can afford solar for $50k, don't need it, they have no problem paying $500-700/month electric bill… For middle house you will need 20 KW system not 4 like you are calculating.. 4 will only cover Coffee machine and Refrigerator AC not included.. 🙂

arkatub says:

yeah, my DIY setup (2kW panels & 6kWh storage) cost less then $2000.

2nd Amendment says:

Did you know, if you don’t pay cash …Tesla inc puts a Lein on your house until the system is paid in full. So if u wanna refinance and invest you won’t be able to because of the lein . Fuck that noise

M Nair says:

26% Fed tax credit. I thought I heard 25%

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