Tesla Drops Solar Panel Prices and Improves Efficiency with New Panels

Tesla Drops Solar Panel Prices and Improves Efficiency with New Panels

Today, June 19, Tesla unveiled the lowest-ever cost to go solar in the US. Tesla cut the price of its solar panels and improved solar panel energy efficiency by 10 percent.

Now the average system size is one third cheaper than the industry average, and the company recently introduced the lowest price guarantee. If a client changes his mind after purchase or is dissatisfied with the system, Tesla will uninstall it and issue a full refund within seven days from the system turn on.

Tesla Solar Panels now have the following specs and prices:

4.08 kW solar panels will cost $10,000
8.16 kW solar panels will cost $16,000
12.24 kW solar panels will cost $23,500
16.32 kW solar panels will cost $30,000.

This price does not include Federal Incentives.

Tesla also offers a low-cost solar subscription for a fixed monthly fee in six states that customers can cancel at any time. This service was launched in the summer of 2019.

The company explains that new prices are made possible by a few simple improvements to an industry that has been around for decades. During this time, it became possible to simplify the order and installation of solar panels by moving to fixed sizes, which customers can quickly order in the Tesla online store. More than 80% of the company’s customers choose the standard size recommended on the website, and the move to a digital experience helped cut marketing costs by 64%.

Now the question: Will the savings in power costs make Tesla roofs cheaper than normal roofs?

Some people say yes, some people say no because solar panels while improving are not there yet.

Donald Knieriemen, a former Visiting Assistant Professor at Purdue University writes in Quora that is possible, depending on where you live. He says “remember to consider all the advantages, not just the immediate or near term savings. If I were shopping for a home, I could be swayed to choose a house that had solar energy, battery backup, whole house generator, EV charging facilities, etc.”

Regarding the approximate length of time from signing up with Tesla solar roof to generating power, it varies by the area. The current limitations slow down installing the solar roof in some areas. But if I speak ballpark, one person writes on Reddit saying “It took 6 weeks from the time I submitted my info on the website to install. Another 6 weeks to wait for my utility to spend 15 seconds to change my meter. 12 Weeks Total.” It’s a lot of time, but I myself may be considering it as it also adds the home value besides other things.

What do you think of Tesla’s new solar panel pricing and efficiency? Do you think they are now affordable?


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Quick Quote says:

Aren't Tesla's current lower priced solar modules manufactured in China ?

Robbert Lucassen says:

It's a matter of choice, do i want Tesla and it's network of services or do i take the more raw approach with solar. They can't compete with Chinese Solar Panels and that's a thing to stay. So why do it then? Tesla needs a higher segment of houses to be equipped with solar roofs and power-walls. The margins would get to small if prices drop and smaller houses would install it. Like with Apple you get better quality goods but at a higher price point. That way Apple & Tesla can maintain margins of profit.

Jimmy in Mexico says:

I live in Sonora Mexico and i want solar power not because of the climate change hoax but jusg because it is a good way to have a source of energy and avoid having to be limited to the power company grid.

Torque News says:

Here is today's update on Tesla Solar and its complete new pricing with details. https://youtu.be/ra4iCm1o8y0

Daniel Swinger says:

Awesome Americans don’t think climate change is fake we think the models are flawed and we don’t think that humans are having the extent of the fact that they claim

manuel martinez says:

Solar PV is not what fry’s birds, what’s probably caused this rumor are the large mirror array installed in Nevada on a solar farm to direct sunlight to the panels,not sure why they do this as Nevada gets over 294 days of sunny days in southern half around Las Vegas. These panels are huge on towers and bright of course the generate heat like a magnifying glass. And yes they fry birds. Surprised they don’t fry the panels😎

Steve LELEW says:

In the UK most people who do best from solar panels are ones who solar panels are south facing. Looking at getting some when buy new house in few months time. Having said that, we are currently using an energy supplier called "Octopus" which derives 100% energy from wind and solar power. So my point to those people who cannot afford Solar Panels at the moment, you can still do your bit for the environment by choosing a good energy supplier.

carl1948 says:

The word is brownout, not burnout…

romeov88 says:

What panels are they using? Q Cells?

Dean McManis says:

I have been debating about getting this Tesla solar panel installation on my home for some months now. It's a no-brainer for the value of the subscription service, but the questions have been whether to buy the panels, and whether to buy a Powerwall. This latest news improves the value for both subscription and buying, but with the possibility of million mile batteries and V2G capability looming, I will probably pass on the Powerwall for now. The panel's lower price and greater efficiency is still great news!

Mark Potochnik says:

I think of it stretched out. $16,000 8KW system,. Over 20 years = $67 per month! That is MORE than I use. I use less than 500KWH per month produces an average of 1,070 KWH per month in my area. $67 VS $85. Hell yes! BUT they don't sell in my area!

Daniele G says:

2:56 It should be 8.16 Kw and NOT Kwh

A A Ron says:

Now the question is, how do I buy this?

Szabolcs Szekacs says:

Good coverage, but please please learn the difference between kWh amd kW. Or simply read what is on the Tesla website for different solar panel installations 🙂

munio163 says:

in Poland for 3.5 kWp I pay only 1500$, the government covered 75%

Stephen Podesta says:

Still to expensive, i will wait another 5 years.

Love Life says:

In the UK PV Household market the question of whether it adds or detracts from home resale value depends to a large extent on the Install Contract. Some schemes targeted at the poor are close to guaranteed to give future headaches to those who have signed up to roof rentals.

Dru Bacon says:

I have had rooftop solar panels since August 2008. I have no outages of the solar system and zero expense of any kind. Output of my solar system has exceeded estimates by NREL by 9.6%. NREL is National Renewable Energy Lab and their estimating tool can be found by searching for PV Watts Calculator and entering your location and details of your proposed solar array.

bible forallnations says:

How many panels the 8 kw? What size panels? What size the powerwall for 8 kw. A tesla power roof might be a more durable therefore cheaper in the longer run.

knowledge share says:

TESLA could sell many more POWER WALLS in Europe if they did a Mini Power Wall for half the price with about 60% of the storage. Most European homes like your sister in Belgium don't need the same storage as an American McMansion. The USA has the most bizarre rules on installations but here in the UK we have ridiculous rules too. I wanted to do a single unified system upgrade to a 5.9kW system. Instead I am forced to have two inverters and two systems giving me a combined 4.9kW. Why? Because if I alter the original system I will forefit my FIT benefits (Feed In Tarrif like the US Net Metering) and I will not be eligible for the new Export Energy scheme because the same house had a FIT. Furthermore the max system allowed without applying for permission in the UK is 4.9kW so I would be facing a prolonged bureaucratic hassle with possibilities of having to pay grid upgrade costs for the sake of 1kW more in sizing my system. I guess if someone was upgrading to a 10kW system the application and process may be worth it. For me to volunteer for bureaucracy mental torture for the sake of 1kW was not worth it.

knowledge share says:

Yes SOLAR GLASS is NOT there yet but SOLAR PANELS from many manufacturers are way beyond there yet and systems can be put together with great results and for far less than anything TESLA SOLAR sells. Furthermore dealing with a quality independent installer will give people far more peace of mind than some of the sloppy sub-contractors TESLA employs to do installations. Sadly the reports of sloppy installers mirror complaints of unresponsive customer service for vehicle owners. Even at the high-end for large homes going with a specialist is the better route. Check this installer out in New Jersey he does large systems for private mansions and commercial properties https://www.youtube.com/user/the43k/featured .

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