Surviving with a solar USB charger – (DIY)

Surviving with a solar USB charger – (DIY)

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SOLAR is the new GREEN thing these days, and California is a great place to utilize this technology!

I made a cool portable USB solar charger, using two 6v polycrystalline solar panels (the most efficient type), with a 12v car USB charger adapter (both available on eBay – Links below). The solar panels were about $12 each, and the USB car adapter was only about $3. I also bought a 12-foot cigarette lighter extension cord for $3 at Big Lots, that I cut in half, then used half so I can plug in my solar panel to my car, and have the other half to use with this setup, if necessary. The AA battery backup charger was only about $20, and provides an extra boost at night, on-the-go, or when there’s no sun. It’s always charging when under the sun, but charges FASTER when a USB cable (with power) is connected to it. Everyone should have things like this! They’re all over the place online!


Solar Panel 1.25 Watts 6 Volts 250 ma — Brand New

New Cute Universal Mini USB Car Charger Adapter Black



Instructional diagram:


P.S. The case that I used to fit everything in, is an old Computer Tech toolkit pouch (originally held a bunch of screwdrivers and things). You can use one if you want, or you can put them in an old lunchbox, Tupperware container, a hollowed-out book, folding picture frames (with some modifications), a *small* briefcase …or try putting them on your backpack, or on a hat! Get creative, the main components are the solar panels and the USB adapter.


P.S.II Due to the current economy, donations of ANY amount, are always welcome! Contributions will go towards things like a BETTER CAMERA, microphone, editing computer, and even gas, car parts, groceries, etc – Yeah, it’s THAT bad!


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Shantay Prueeissen says:

if you want to know how to make some of your DIY kinds of stuff yourself, just go to an Avasva website. There you'll find your answers 🙂

Shanta Hsieh says:

My works too. I used Inplix handbooks and build it without any problems.

Network126 says:

Yep, that's true.

J Hansen says:

yes, you always need a diode or as soon as you take the panel out of the sun, the battery will start discharging into the solar panel, basically wasting all your stored energy.

Network126 says:

Nope, the diode and soldered connections are covered in silicone. You can search eBay for solar diodes though, and you'll get a bunch of results and you can read the details about them.

Michel Saade says:

mmmm .. are there any specs on the diode ?

Network126 says:

I don't really know a WHOLE whole lot about electricity to give any detailed input. The two solar panels I bought had diodes already soldered on with the cable (that was also included).

Michel Saade says:

I will start from the end. The cable is connected to a car adaptor. The Adaptor is then connected to batteries, and the batteries are connected to the solar panels.
The output of the car adapter is 5V 1000mA. The input is 12-24V DC
The Battery would be a 6V 1500mA battery.
The Solar panels would be two 6V 167mA (1W) each put in parallel resulting with a 6V 334mA output.
Opinion?& do I need a diode between the battery and the solar panels?

Network126 says:

Computer technician tool case. I've got a little plastic toolbox with more tools though.

Henry Plumb says:

What is the zip case originally for? Thanks.

Quaduce says:

Is the music diy too?

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