Super Capacitor Invention in Epoxy Resin | Find out does it work?

Super Capacitor Invention in Epoxy Resin | Find out does it work?

ok,solar skeleton sculpture in epoxy resin.
I have work on this project couple of days and the project was finished,working great with all 3 function,low voltage led blinker,led torch 2.5mah and oled thermometer with arduino pro mini board.
There will be second video with more details and circuit diagrams but for now I have used:2pcs super capacitors 5.5v 2F in serrial connection so I get 5.5v and 4F (5mah total) 2pcs solar cells each give 2.3v 1n4148 diode and 1000mf capacitor for charging section,white led diode 5mm thrue 120ohms resistor so can pull 2.5mah max current,low voltage led flasher(circuit in next video) and oled 128×32 screen with atmega328p+ds18b20 temp sensor for thermometer.

making 3 In 1 Batteryless Skeleton Gadget:

I Turn a PC Fan into Mini Arc Reactor:

Skeleton led chaser in resin:



Hacktuber says:

What dou want to see in Epoxy resin,comment below?

a karmakar says:

what is the f,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,k

Dan Hudson says:

I can't believe it's possible to boot a laptop off of a USB stick. Wish I could comment on the advert to congratulate those boffins on such an achievement!

Asif Maan says:

sorry broo i am late like your super video.

VideoMem says:

You can use reed switches to change modes from the outside using magnets 🧲

Edwin ARCENAL says:

mafia tatto

Jimmy P says:

I like the countoured molded top on your table. What is that called?

ddddevice says:

sei un grande


Wow amazing👍

Michael Zajac says:

What if it's won't work?

Cyberpunk Ilmy says:

A veryyyy greaat Idea…
So, this is a great tools for Hiker or mountain climber in emergency situation, so you can Turn On the Blinking LED or Flashlight…

maybe you can try to make it bigger capacity and more bright also

Amar Bedi says:

So serial connection gives parallel results

Damon Barber says:

Layers man, layers. Your epoxy will not get near as hot.

Paul Hughes says:

I love your stupid creations. Actually very intelligent. And stupid. Best ever. Great job.

Iworks 891 says:

9:30 omg i dint expect that

Santosh Sahu says:

Mind blowing

Wade Nolan says:

Sure looks like it has batteries…

Robert Clark says:

How do you deal with the heat issue?

WsC W says:

Awesome! Greetings from Poland.

Vlado T says:

Can you fix the big bubble by drilling and filling the void with syringe?

applescy says:

Another way instead of jumpers for switch maybe with small magnets and reed switch or hall sensor? Thank you for the video 🙂

Juniors Art and DIY says:

Awesome! LIKE 👍

Elektronik Atölyem says:

Super 👏👏👏

The TruManZoo says:

someone will dig this up in the future one day 😀

FIX DIY says:

Nice and Great project ☺️

Allmamun Abdullah says:

It's a stupid gadget. ….

Yusif HD says:

Azerbaycan Türkiye


Amazing 👏

Raul Simon says:

Great Jon Man!, I am from Brazil!

Circuit Mania says:

plz make DIY esp32 projects

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