WOW THIS THING IS AT 195 TO 200 DEGREES!!! My 8ft by 8ft Solar Water Heater for my pool using 216 drilled aluminum cans, two 4×8 sheets of OSB, two 4×8 sheets of silver back poly board, six 8 ft 2×4’s boards, four 8 ft 2×2’s, 20 cans of black flat spray paint, 160 ft of Pex Line and brass Pex fittins/Pex nails. The end result will show the full build with four sheets of 2×8 Plastic Lexan attached and sealed on the edges with formed rubber. I attached the lumber together using hex deck screws. The entire box is sealed with 100% silicon. The in and out hose fittings are plastic because the chlorine in the pool was deteriorating the brass fittings. I also spray painted the hoses black. I used a small low flow centrifugal force fountain pump for the water flow. The water coming out of the hose is around 110 degrees on an 80 degree day and around 150 degrees in the box. The box is connected to post in the ground using nuts and bolts so I can rotate the box at different angles during the day, depending where the sun is in the sky. Hope you like my videos and share them as well. Any questions just ask. Thank you.



Paul Andersen says:

Have you got a video of u making it

Jonathan Clark says:

Someone should play a drinking game where you take a shot every time he says "steam" or "steaming". Lol.

Ricardo Mollinedo says:

Hi i have a 16×48 intex pool and i make a pool heater with 100ft black rubber garden hose but o dont see to much diference what do you recomend me?

Dennis Moore says:

This is the future. It's like looking at the first locomotives in the early 19th century. Imagine a large roof with tubing like this, feeding hot water into underground insulated storage tanks. That'll store enough heat for free central heating for the entire winter. The only expense would be the trivial amount of electricity required for the pump, which would itself be powered via EV solar panels.

Chris McCollum says:

Very cool build. I'm wondering how many years it lasted? Pex is max rated for 200 degrees, so I wonder if it shortened the life going past that on super hot days?

gmaneis says:

This is fantastic! What are the before and after temperatures of the pool water?

daddyandmaddie says:

just say don't touch that and your sure to get everyone to stick their hands under it

Andrea Birchard says:

It's there a build video for this?

jrmichel2000 says:

Hi Mike – Is this still running well for you? Are you sure the drilled aluminum cans are causing an increase in temps?

Nick Linares says:

What size pump you use

Liz Pierro’Diaz says:

Hey! how is the system holding up ? do you still use it, also can you give me a rough estimate on the cost?

Jacob Luce says:

increase the flow.

Tig3rj says:

STEAM!!! Look at that Steam!

Michael Lilly says:

out of all the folks i watched on you tube i think your are producing the hottest water,my 24ft round 52inch high pool is getting installed in june. i plan on making a replica of your solar heater,great job guy. appreciate u putting this out here for us to learn from.

Alfred Bargras says:

wow.. this is amazing.. I really have to get one of this..

M Z says:

Great job Mike! This will be my next project for next year!

Keith Steinkoenig says:

Mike, I'd like to contact you with a ton of questions on this… Have an email?

Turner n Hooch says:

How fast did it ake to warm your pool at the flow rate you are using. We are in Colorado and have built the solar as you describe now how long to get the glacier water to warm LOL We have lots of sun so it will be able to run all day hot.

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