Solar water heater, pool heater

Solar water heater, pool heater

Solar pool heating, solar waster heating. solar driven heater.



Trey Mason says:

Also, the ground is cooling the back side of the heaters. It'd get hotter if they were elevated, even slightly. Air is a better insulator than dirt.

Tamara Kennedy says:

If that was 160 you would need to go immediately to have skin grafts …and an iv and a good dose of antibiotics and about 3 days in hospital.

gmaneis says:

Just wondering: Is it really necessary to put that bilge pump in the water? Wouldn't it be strong enough to leave it outside on the ground? It looks like it's pushing water up and over the pool's top rail, right? So if it were outside, seems like it would still be able to pull the water up and over, without having an electric motor in the water. Just wonderin'…..

Shannon Amend says:

With Avasva plans doing something like that was easy.

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