Solar USB Power Bank Tests / Review

Solar USB Power Bank Tests / Review

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In this video I review 9 solar powered USB power banks and 7 “wildcards”; a hybrid solution using a normal USB power bank and an external portable / folding solar panel.

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Devices reviewed:
Universal Solar Power Bank (10 000 mAh)

Nexcon (Solar) (5000 mAh)

Levin Solpad Solar Charger (3000 mAh)

EasyAcc Solar Power Bank (15 000 mAh / 55.5 Wh)

Zebora Two Solar Panels 10 000mAh

PowerAdd Apollo 3 (8000 mAh / 29.6 Wh)

Smart Tech Apollon S6000 (6000 mAh)

Opteka BP-SC8000 (6000 mAh)

ZeroLemon SolarJuice SJ-600 (6000 mAh / 22.2 Wh)

Voltaic (4000 mAh / 15 Wh) + Solar Panel Case

Hybrid configurations:

USB Power banks:

Portable / folding solar panels:

Poweradd™ Mini Portable (5000mAh) + ReVIVE Series Solar

EasyAcc (15 600 mAh / 57.7 Wh) + AP Solar Foldable Charger 7W

Intocircuit® 2nd Gen Power Castle (13 000mAh / 48.1 Wh) + Voltaic 2.0 Watt Solar Panel

Goal Zero YETI150 (14 000 mAh / 150 Wh) + SunKingdom 39 Watt

Smart Tech Apollon V8000 (8000 mAh) + Apollon P5

EasyAcc (10 000 mAh / 37 Wh) + SUNKINGDOM™ 5W 5V

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ShuyTech T. says:


i made a similar review on a power bank solar charger device which i tested by self and is just perfect with two 5V USB outputs and 50.000mAh check it out:


James Karastamatis says:

Great…but Who has 45 minutes to watch a review of solar charging banks?🤷🏻‍♂️

Leo Liu says:

Hi, is banging when I shake a newly bought power bank a sign of loose battery?
It works but I'm worried about the battery hitting against the shell


Pudding 8414 says:

So which is the best solar power bank?

sam says:

Very informative. Great effort.

Jesusandbible says:

I have found that solar panels with their own innate battery inside are all built on a contradiction. That is solar works best in strong (thus hot) sun, and batteries work best cool not hot. If the battery inevitably gives in, what then? Does the solar still charge by bypassing the battery? Doubt it. Thus in my opinion all such devices are to be avoided as too short a life.

zheng ying says:

Bought it for my brother who has taken it for hiking, it was worked perfectly. Click here if you also need:@t

Jennie French says:

My favorite so far is the Hiluckey. It is waterproof and can hang on the back of my backpack with 4 solar chargers. It can be charged but also just by solar it can fully charge 2 devices in a few hours. It folds up like a leather like wallet. I also keep a Sozo charger which has 4 chargers and a fast charge by laying device on it. I am very content with these and they have worked great.

Kettlie Nicolas says:

Thanks thanks 👏👏👏

Keeping It Real says:

Incredible review.

Kalan Star says:

Found the orange one with the compass on it in China. $14. LOL at paying $49 for it.

Piñata Oblongata says:

Would be great if you could do this again with what's available now, 5 years later 🙂

Witch City citizen says:

Im sure the price goes up with good reviews.

EdricLysharae says:

Damn, now that was a review done by a professional! Keep them coming!

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