Solar System for Home | 6.5kW On Grid Solar System | Solar Panel System Price, Subsidy and Working

Solar System for Home | 6.5kW On Grid Solar System | Solar Panel System Price, Subsidy and Working

In this video we have explained how to save electricity bill with solar, how do solar panels work, how much does solar panel system cost, how to generate electricity at home with solar panels, subsidy on solar panels, what is net meter, how much time does it take to install a solar panel system, which is the best residential solar panel system for home, how you can save money with rooftop solar and about top solar companies.

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Vinit Sinha says:

Sir main ye janna chahta hun ki suppose main apne ghar se almost 1 month k liye bahar gaya and mere ghar pe koi v electricity consumption nhi hua ( mean to say that your electricity Bill is zero for tha month) and mere solar pannel jo v electricity generate kiya wo sara Bijli Bibhag ko chala gaya…on that case kya Bijli Bibhag aapko ushka paise bhugtan karta hai kya…if Yes then keyse case me ya directly to your bank account… please clarify 🙏

ßhavay Virmani says:

Roi would be 60k/2.5l ×100 = 24% (because ROI would be annual )

SkayDelhi Vlogs says:

Ye mita kha h

Wetland Retail says:

The cost of this system is 100 times more than the electricity bill you are going to actually pay

Tapas Koley says:

I want to install solar power in my home, but I dont know how. I am from hooghly distric, west bengal

Prabhat Jani says:

Can a solar system Runa hydraulic machine

Nadeem Basar says:

Two Ac 3ton 2 fridge four fans 4kilo heater boiler. grill oven 2k watt. Automatic booster pump and iron 1k watt what should I fit for this load MUMBAI

Nadeem Basar says:

Very nice 👍

Amandeep Singh says:

Is everything on home like our electrical appliances like ac geyser etc and all are working on this??

Anand C B says:

Contact number or email?

Anand C B says:

Can I get ur number ?

Rajkumar says:

ROI over one year is 24%. Calculating it over one year is more convenient as one can compare it with prevailing bank interests.

Pankaj sharma says:

Govt. Billing adjustment kitne time main krti h or per unit kya pay krti h?

Mohit Kumar says:

How u clean the dust from plant? If u clean it daily, u will get more units.

Kamalaksh Pai says:

If there any limit in Kw. can any one invest 15 KW for net metering

Dev Madad says:

6 kv ki kitna k lega gi sir house m


Sir in 2.50 investment from your side include netmetering charges and GST amount please clarify thanks

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