Solar products

Solar products

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Most important film of this channel is a famous Talk by Gajanand agarwal called Wonderfull Nature
इस चैनल की सबसे महत्वपूर्ण फिल्म गजानंद अग्रवाल की एक प्रसिद्ध टॉक है जिसे वंडरफुल नेचर कहा जाता है

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Hindi link

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Click below links after installing telegram on your fone for farming queries for Working Voluntering at 400 acres Vedic heaven island for Medicine queries and discussions for cows/humans

We don’t Take donations
हम दान नहीं लेते

We dont earn from Youtube because we don’t allow any advertisements on our channel.
हम Youtube से नहीं कमाते क्योंकि हम अपने चैनल पर कोई विज्ञापन नहीं देते.

Watch our Playlist here is the link…

Watch Talks by Gajanand agarwal



Courses/Fone number of Akash chourasiya here is the link

For Vedic Plaster or Bull driven Technology visit

For Bansi Gir Gaushala Visit

Please save all 3 numbers in your mobile fone and send a test message on all three numbers with your name.

Hare KrishnaWe have 3 numbers for 3 purposes.

Farmers helpline for Farm related queries +91 9819019019 whatspp only click here from your fone

(email us your detailed query with farm fotos/videos at

Medical Helpline For anyone+91 9867646464 whatsapp only click here from your fone

(email us your detailed query with medical reports at

Vedic Heaven eco village 400 acres island volunteer/visitor/investor
+91 9594565656 whatsapp only
click here from your fone
(email us your detailed query at

English videos of Vedicheaven…

Hindi Videos of Vedicheaven…

email us your complete details or purpose before messaging us on whatsapp.most of the times

we dont respond instantly but we do call back if we know the purpose of contact.

*Dont forget to mention your complete mobile number with + country code over the email*

We request all our friends to Create their own Blog at and paste the videos of your choice and write description of the video in your own blog.

This is very helpful to anyone who is searching online about any information and your description will help them alot

you can also write comments below.

Gajanand agarwal was searching his answers to topics in relation to vedic life and he video documented all his research , that research and courses were uploaded later as Cowgrazing channel.

There is not much professional work in this channel because we dont have any team.

Most films are only single person shooting , editing and uploading.

गजानंद अग्रवाल वैदिक जीवन के संबंध में विषयों के लिए अपने जवाब खोज रहे थे और उन्होंने अपने सभी शोधों का वीडियो बनाया, उस शोध और पाठ्यक्रम को बाद में काउगर्ज़िंग चैनल के रूप में अपलोड किया गया।

इस चैनल में बहुत अधिक पेशेवर काम नहीं है क्योंकि हमारे पास कोई टीम नहीं है।

अधिकांश फिल्में केवल एकल व्यक्ति की शूटिंग, संपादन और अपलोडिंग हैं।



manuraj joshi says:

need of the time. keep sharing such a gr8 persons. thanku

Priya Diwan says:

I am interested in solar energy for rural people. I liked the explanation but where to get such products and their prices in Mumbai

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