Installing a solar pool heating system on a house in Brandon Florida.



Larry Gunnels says:

Where do I get this.

NES RF says:

No fall gear huh? You guys like to live dangerously…

L.Roy says:

Florida weather, glass house over the pool, 4 Sunquest heaters… are you boiling your pool? 🤨🤨🤨

ryanhenry21 says:

You need to add correx backing sheets.

عمار الصريمي says:

can you please let us know how to size the system

Dave Taylor says:

Hey look over there, is that a split tail hawk? Don,t worry about the pool shit folks, hey, that looks like a 58 Edsel going there. Man that's neat.

Dave Taylor says:

Only showing part of something really helps none at all. You could have shown us monkeys swinging from trees, and would have learned just as much. Your talking about the neighbors house and showing long range video of guy hooking up the system was really helpful. Keep up the good work

Shanta Hsieh says:

You need to make some changes. Check Avasva Solutions if you want to make it right.

Leanaki Le says:

What brand is that solar panel?

Joe V says:

Live in Chicago area and I have them and they really work. They recommend that 20 ft be removed during winter but 10 feet can be kept up . My pool in general rarely goes below 80 degrees. I do have gas heater but use it rarely.. would suggest 10 feet size. Easier to work with , just add as many as needed.

Wifredo Cancel says:

Bla Bla blabla,,,

Jose Fernando says:

Where you bay?

DigitalMan269 says:

You can always tell a good installer from a professional by the way they wear their fall protection when up on a roof.

Mr. Dave says:

My automatic valve to my solar panels, started rotating.  it continuously rotates.  I had to disconnect it.  Any ideas what causes that?

ruberduck104 says:

Are you going to show us how,
 or talk about it all day

Cody Artzt says:

Why is he using a drill for the lags in the Eagle claws? Shouldn't he be using an impact….

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