Solar pool heater home made under 100$ :)

Solar pool heater home made under 100$ :)

my home made solar pool heater for under 100$
heats the water on an average day by around 3-4C or 6-8F
300-400 litres per hour, how much of an effect that has on your pool depends on the size of it.

essential parts:
solar panel 30w (from banggood) 30$
pump 15w (from banggood) 18$
black cheap water hose 100ft (30m) (home depot 15 $)

place this on the tiles next to your pool at it will work.

left over wood for crate (probably 30-40$ to make??)
styrofoam/polystyrene sheets (homedepot) 7$
2 aluminium sheets (homedepot) 22$ each
black paint matte (homedepot) 3-4$

total cost was roughly 100$ to me although I had the crate
I’d love to add some transparant sheeting on top to increase the efficiency but haven’t gotten round to it yet (and it works pretty well as is anyways)

after the video was shot, the water in the pool over the course of 2 weeks has gone fro 9c to 13c after that it seemed to stabilize, and creep up witht he weather temperature.

Its not a huge difference but it meant I could swim in the pool a couple weeks sooner and likely longer, without using actual heating.



Dino Karakostas says:

Was that blood??

david sellers says:

what is the brand of the pump?

John Matthews says:

Many adjustments I would do to this. Insert the inlet at the bottom and outlet should be probably mid depth. But for a pool this size you need about 5 of these panels. I bought a $20 solar pad that achieves this same effect, and the temp in was 24C and the temp out was 38C

John Matthews says:

Finger nails are a little long…

Shantel Guetgen says:

if you want to know how to make it yourself , just go to Avasva webpage. There you'll find your answers 🙂

Scott B says:

How bout put your money and time into cleaning your fucked up pool

Richard Owens says:

You need better heat transfer from the aluminum to the hose. Remember, that hose is rubber – an insulator. What I would suggest is that you watertight the box and fill it just enough to cover the hose. That way, the heat from the aluminum will be transferred to the water in the box, which in turn will be transferred to the water in the hose. And, definitely, cover the box with a piece of plexi-glass to hold in the heat and keep the water from evaporating. The water sitting in the box should get quite warm – too warm to touch.

Alternately, you could get a cheap kiddy pool and spray paint the inside of it black and lay your coil of hose in it and fill with water until the hose is completely covered. The black paint is going to absorb the heat from the Sun and the plastic kiddy pool isn't going to give the heat anywhere to go except into the water in the kiddy pool. Then, of course, the heat will transfer much more efficiently into the hose. I think you would want to use as little water as possible and keep it from evaporating by using a clear plastic shower curtain stretched over the kiddy pool.

Cool idea! You just need to keep working on it to make it better. Good luck!

Egor Lisitsa says:

Great to see that inplix has new instructions to save my money and energy to build it.

Egor Mrinskiy says:

Im sure you can build it too guys. Just look for InpliX click the PIG and build it too

André Fierens says:

geius, extra ordinary ! go and see a portable solar water heater, i assembled –

Jack Newton says:

I assume you are in Canada since you use Celsius. If so, what pump and solar panel are these?

MrBababuwi says:

How about some water chemistry? Your pool looks green?

André Fierens says:

This pool heater is 100 $ , 108 Euro, and Portable !

Aurilio Neves França says:

Olá amigo, tbm fiz o meu e acrescentei algumas melhorias como uma bombinha e um termostato acelerando o processo e aproveitando mais o tempo que o sol aparece. Abraços!

vistagraphsnet says:

Waste of time and money.

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