Solar Pool Heater (DIY)

Solar Pool Heater (DIY)

Just a quick video of my little solar pool heater project. This cost me about $212 in materials so far. I already had the utility pump shown in the video so that is not included in the price. I ordered 4’x8′ Acrylic sheets that I will cut in half to cover the four collector boxes which added another $200.



Scott Roy says:

Curious if you noticed much difference after the acrylic

Kashif Javed says:

Does this only work for pools or we can constantly feed cold water and get hot water on the other end?

Allen Loyd says:

There are some real intelligent comments here 👍 I have been experimenting with this same setup. I have found that it works better if you weight the outlet and sink it to the lowest point of your pool and as far away from your pump. I filled a Gatorade bottle with rocks and drilled some small holes in it to keep the hose down at the bottom.

Bartosz Em says:

Hi bro AWESOME job. Please tell me what model PUMP did You used ????

ImYaDadd says:

Hello I know Sophia is it ok if you give my YouTube a shoutout me and Sophia are good friends

Shavin McCrotch says:

Seriously, what’s with the fence?

pervysage says:

How many degrees difference

The Living Stone acre says:

Great setup. Yeah I'm sure that green house effect will double the benefits.

llew virtue says:

It's always a work in progress, and that's why this feed back is so valuable. Keep fine tuning, very well done

SLRS says:

Acrylic (Plexiglass) is a bad idea. It is an ancient material and is very brittle. People use Poly carbonate instead. Much tougher. Better heat resistance too.
Also, just an idea: If you use a PV panel connected to a 12v pump, you can get the water pumped for free at approximately the same rate you need, at the same time the water is heating up. The hotter the water becomes, the faster the pump will run. Simple and automatic.

Tracy Vaughan says:

Nice build. Thanks

Cory says:

also, do not add the acrylic sheets, they will only block some of the suns energy and make it less efficient. since the water is so effective at striping the suns energy you get no gain from trying to do the green house effect

Cory says:

Very nice setup, I have something very similar in my yard. The only thing I did different is I run then parallel and not in series. You want your inlet temp and outlet as close together as you can without working your pump too hard. The colder the coils, the more heat it will strip from the sun. Some people think to turn the flow down and let it get nice and hot as it flows into the pool, but think about that for a second. Would you rather one gallon a minute of 15 degrees of heat increase, or 10 gallons a min of 5 degrees of heat increase. You might think its not working with the higher flow, but you would actually be getting 3 times the heat energy.

wawawawawawawhat says:

That's a really good way to kill some kids. How did you not think of that. Try a non submersible pump. It will run you about 70 bucks and won't cook anyone if your pump shorts out.

Shantelle Adeline says:

Check guide from Avasva eco blog.

S D Birse says:

Couldn’t you just use a black pool liner?

Laticia Cull says:

Take some info about energy on Avasva . It was very helpful to me 😀

hjenei says:

Great setup there you got there.
Have you experienced any scale buildup washing back to the pool and clouding the water? I have made the same system last year and after a few days the water in the pool got all white from the scale buildup forming on the hot surface inside the tubes and washing back to the pool.

Nannette Battista says:

I did it quickly and efficiently with instructions from Avasva website.

Evgen Mozolevski says:

You need to make some changes. Check Avasva Solutions if you want to make it right.

triton189 says:

Get that friggin elec pump put of you're pool before you kill someone. Just use you're existing pool filter pump to move water. That's what I do, plus then you use less electricity.

Tango 66 says:

Here’s an idea. Of course my idea would require you to change the hose to something that would not melt.

If you place copper pipe in the same spiral then cover it with a screen out of a projection TV.

Not any screen will do. If you take apart a projection TV inside you will find a large magnifying glass and there’s information on YouTube specifically about what these screens and what they can do.

You would be able to turn the water into steam very easily by using these screens. But that’s probably too hot for what you’re doing.

But if you ever decided to build a sauna your set up would be excellent. Change the piping to something that wouldn’t melt then add these large magnification screens.

You would probably get pure steam!

Sophie Falalalalalalalala says:

U go daddy-o

Raja Rawat says:

Pump not required, think again, do with parallel pipes

PJ Taylor says:

Very nice! I have a saline pool, so wondering if anyone makes a small utility pump like yours that can handle salty water. I guess I will check out a store that sells marine stuff.

Fsilone says:

Best angle is perpendicular to the direction of the sun.

the chomp says:

stand them upright and place plastic mirrors on either side of them so that you get more heat out of it and it will heat longer.

Hush Whisper says:

This is a cool video. It made me think.
Why don't you just put a really large black circle in the bottom of your pool? One, that could be easily removed and cleaned, simply by sliding it out. It wouldn't have to be a thick material. A light one would do. Made out of what I'm not sure, but it sound's a whole lot easier to do.
Good luck buddy, nice video.

Luis Morales says:

Good evening. Why you dont try with mirrors in backside? You receive 100% HEAT.

Stephen M says:

What, if anything, makes this method more efficient than putting a heat absorbing cover on the pool or other methods of heating it directly?

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