Solar Pool Heater Comparison – Homemade Vs Purchased

Solar Pool Heater Comparison – Homemade Vs Purchased

Now I’ve made my own Solar Pool Heater (see Part 1)…
How does it Compare with a Purchased one?

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In this video I go into as much detail as needed so you can make an informed decision. Which one will you choose?

Here I show the following: –
How to calculate energy output of each panel in Joules.
How to calculate Joules to KWh (Wh).
How much will a Solar Water Heater heat a 10ft (3.05m) pool over 7 days in the UK (calculated in Spring 2020).
How much water each Solar System holds.

Plus I have only just realised that both panels Watt-hours reduce over the 1 and half hour test in the video, therefore if I added more water to the system, the Watt-hour value would be higher :-). I may put this in a part 3 and show some improvements to the panel.




Sue Devonshire says:

Very informative, will certainly be making one of these, to heat my garage.

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