Solar Path Lights 💥 GELOO Color Changing Outdoor | Video Review

Solar Path Lights 💥 GELOO Color Changing Outdoor | Video Review

💥Spectacularly beautiful color-changing solar path lights by GELOO – no wiring, just push the stake in the ground and enjoy the color show!
Find the lights HERE:

Take a look at these spectacular solar lights from Geloo. They are color-changing solar stake lights that can be used in your garden, yard, along your sidewalk or pathway or anywhere in your landscape. They are waterproof to IP65 and each light is 10 lumens LED, which is brighter than most garden lights.



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vintagegirl1961 says:

I love them! I wish I could get some but they will for sure get stolen.

Brandon Lewis says:

Omg my and my mom are redecorating our yard and we so need this 😳


Can you do an update on these lights? Like show us the stock battery it comes with and give us the pros and cons of these lights a lil over a year later…😁


Do you still recommend these? How long does it last during the night? A full 8 hours?

Annie Weathersby says:

I love those lights got to order me some they're beautiful

Grindmode Vlogs says:

Order some and they came in today and they look great

Luke Egan says:

They are beautiful

Larry Potts says:

Thats different. Real cool.

Hugo tuulelohed says:

Very beatiful lights me wait more videos

ayman awni says:

Can u tell me what is their life period ….

Daniel28021991 says:

Very nice, but I store them over the winter because they didn't light very long in the winter mostly under 2 hours and the will last longer. Because the plasic didn't like the cold and snow so much.

百里桜 says:

Fantastic lights, definitely perfect decoration for my garden, Thanksgiving day is coming, I wanna get it for my parents backyard

LEE Kairui says:

It is will be very cool in my garden, i like it

Viki Chan says:

wow~ beautiful color changing solar light, I am gonna get one, I have a big yard, maybe need 12 pack ^_^

angus lin says:

Very nice! I want to get one!

Vape Corner Reviews says:

I need these for my yard!

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