Solar Panels UK: Are they worth it in 2020?

Solar Panels UK: Are they worth it in 2020?

To discover more ways you can go green and save money, I’ve created a 30 second assesment here:

The specific system I mentioned in the video might or might not be available in your area, and prices do vary, so it’s best to get multiple quotes to get a feel for costs.

Other tools mentioned in the video:
– Solar ROI calculator: pvcalc

Installing solar panels seems like a great way to save money and be a bit more green. But with the Feed in Tarrif cut, and the UK not being the most sunny of places, there are a lot of questions about solar power in the UK.

How long do solar panels take to pay for themselves in the UK? How effective are they? How much electricity will I generate?

In this video I attempt to answer these questions, first look at if the UK actually gets enough sun. Then looking at how much solar panels cost in the UK and if it all makes sense from a financial point of view.



UpLevel Green says:

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Martin Gallagher says:

Very high quality and informative video thanks. It's not somthing I've considered or know much about but currently looking at getting a new roof and thinking of adding solar

Alok Babu says:

High quality video production wow. Very Informative, well narrated and an excellent video. Please keep up the good work.

Peter Gahan says:

As the grid gets greener, I would say driving an EV is a greener option.

Lupa Phormy says:

cool video. but you have no dislikes. I kind of want to dislike. It will be like dipping into an unopened jar of peanut butter. I won't though.

何楽川 says:

This is a very quality video. I'm actually surprised that this rather new channe delivers at this level. Good job, keep it up!

SebDrewett says:

Fantastic and informative video Duncan! Will be sharing this with friends and family (: Hope you're well

James Carter says:

cool video, well put together

mikeys4u says:

Very clear explanations, and good information…

Nadzrin Puad says:

In my place solar panel might work only without involve battery. Because here where i live electric price is hell cheap, only cost 4sen per kilowatt. If compare to battery that only sustain for 25 years, it not worth it to store solar power at night.

mike x says:

HOw many solar panels wired in series do most uk home solar systems use ?

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