Solar Panels: Proof is in the Poppies | In Depth

Solar Panels: Proof is in the Poppies | In Depth

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On today’s episode of “In Depth” Zac & Jesse discuss an unorthodox case for Solar Energy #Tesla #ElonMusk #SolarPower

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ash ash says:

Great stuff!

klizzard5166 says:

yeah fentanyl is the problem with the OD's and ofc you have some of them who are just straight up idiots. go to rehab and get clean and once they are out they go get heroin and take a big dose like last time they did and then they OD..

Roger Poppen says:

I've made inquiry about solar and am getting lots of calls from various companies. Which to choose? I'm following up your advice and contacting EnergyPal. Let's see how it goes.

klizzard5166 says:

Even gordon ramsey's brother was a heroin addict

Dave Garaffa says:

Sorry for the insanely bad pun but this was a Powerful video my friends…. really gives one pause as to why on earth its so (in my view anyway) so slow to adopt Solar AND Wind ESPECIALLY off shore wind… I'm a NYer now living in NJ and I know we've been sold a bill of goods for a very long time about how VERY VERY bad 'off shore' wind is going to be but come on we have a resource that needs to be harvested and we aren't at least to the degree that we could be. Great stuff as usual guys!

Eric Gold says:

DIY solar is just not that hard. You only have to be as smart as an Afghan farmer.

Hal F says:

Well, most of your viewers are already aware of solar power and its benefits. Now, go convince the dummies who vote for our current crop of idiot politicians.

Les Hsu says:

I'm planning to get Tesla solar roof tiles in the next year or two.

dougdevine27 says:

I hear ya loud and clear: get into the heroin biz. Sage advice.

CW Holeman II says:

Cheaper if you are using a dysfunctional diesel generator 'cause all you have access to is diluted fuel. So, not quite all the cards on the table here.

Adrian Evans says:

Most of the time is it comes down conservation rules within councils around the Uk. Which is doh conservation is solar energy surely. But no it’s red tape rules at prevention of solar renewables.

Daniel Fusselman says:

I just love Jesse's horrified facial expression throughout the first half of this video.

Зоран Димчов says:

How much power can be installed only from roof solar? Question for Zak… 🙂

snygg says:

This is a great story for my next discussion with a brainwashed denier, thanks a lot!

thomasiberg says:

8:07 This tells you a big reason why we went to war. It had little to do with 9/11

Tony ONeil says:

Solar is fantastic. I have a 50,000 watt 208 panel solar farm on my Llama Farm in Huntsville AL (Rocket City). But Now You Know seems to be interested in the newest energy devices available to the public. There is a company in Huntsville that produces micro cube generators. A small generator with nearly zero turning friction. One micro cube can produce one kilowatt of energy.
Talk to Robert Yost about a demo. You will come away with a new appreciation for wind energy. Your picture on a Tesla car with a scaled down wind turbine with tons of turning friction will not work as you indicated. The micro cube technology will work.

AnalystPrime says:

There are ways to absorb moisture from air pretty easily, and if you already have solar panels to power it you have solved the only remaining problem. Same with desalination, only needs power. If lots of farmers decide to leave that area because the water starts running out, those who stay can likely buy their solar panels cheaply…

Bernard Finucane says:

Afghanistan is one of the world's best place for farming and has been for 5,000 years. It is the source of many kinds on nuts and fruit. Most of Afghanistan has plenty of water, which comes down in huge quantities from the mountains in the spring. What the country needs is better water conservation and more big irrigation projects.

Forrest Olney says:

We were waiting for the dip in the price of solar panels. HAHAHAHA

Gary Menezes says:

More like these episodes please. i.e. a different take on solar

norbert1111 says:

One of your best episodes. The facts, humor, and education, all in one place. One thing that I hate to say. Education, humor and facts may still not cut it. People are just to lazy to think and make the changes needed. I hope I'm wrong. I applaud your efforts; and maybe, just maybe some will wise up.

Ashley Haadt says:

Okay, solar powered house with a charger in the garage so your tax-free prize electric car can run on it too. Hmm, not exactly the Exxon Valdez. I see what you did there.

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