Solar Panels on Future Tesla Cars

Solar Panels on Future Tesla Cars

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There’s something special about a car that charges itself, seemingly defying the laws of physics. Drive where you want to go, park, do your thing, all while your car is charging by the sun for free. Is this a possible future, or a pipe dream? That’s what we’re on about on this episode!

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James Paul says:

Great overview Ricky. I think one major innovation could be to include a solar charging input port on future vehicles. Owners could use a regular solar panel or custom rooftop mounted expandable solar array when parked, like your Cybertruck illustration.

Katie Greene says:

Do you think tesla will ever make a model L ( like lightyear one)? Could they make a slow car with the goal of ultra eff and long range maybe the goal of the 1st 1000 mile range car for long road trips?

Grizzly says:

Please…please…please get this in front of Sandy Munro ASAP!

Lucky Luke says:

It’s just a matter of time for solar power for Tesla. Nobody will do it better.

Gary Morrison says:

Good topic and video; thanks. I especially liked the car renderings!

However, please be cautious of confusing Kilowatts with Killowatt-hours. A KW is unit of power (energy over time), and a KWh is a unit of energy (3.6 megajoules). 2-3 times, you confused the two:
3:15 — “2KW/hour” should be 10KWh/hour.
6:50 — “… can generate up to 1.2KWh” should be KW.

A lot of people confuse the two, so you’re in good company, but you in particular shouldn’t.

Relatedly, a KWh per hour (e.g., 2:15) is more simply described as a KW, although arguably that’s more a matter of emphasis.

Matt Senkow says:

It's obvious that Musk's plans don't include solar panels on the vehicles themselves. Consider travelling in tunnels. Consider self-driving robotaxis. Stationary beats mobile solar generation hands down and efficiencies are Tesla's M.O.
If you built a trailer that ratcheted out a canopy of solar panels to get a large surface area then it could work, but consider anytime you wanted to charge you would need the area clearance to do it. And I doubt you would be moving, which defeats the point.

Andrew Kuntzman says:

How much green gas does the internet use. I’ve heard alarming stats on that. Any chance you guys would do a video on that?

Trevor White says:

Living in Adelaide, South Australia at the end of the Solar Challenge I’ve seen solar cars go from what where modified push bikes to actual cars. One of the local Universities actually built a small prime mover with plans for a later version to have a trailer on the back covered in solar panels. So the point is solar panels will become a thing on probably all EVs some time in the future but where they will really come into there own will be on heavy transport. Buses covered in panels, trucks and semis as well. Heck semis with attached panels could become mobile power plants.

michael chapman says:

Power my house! And all of the infrastucture involved; including transportation. Transportation BTW played a huge part in building this house. All solar powered.

Brad Haaf says:

Eventually we're just nowhere near the Tech knowledge to make it effective enough to make it worth putting on

Richard Alexander says:

I'd be happy to pay extra for solar, particularly if it were offset to some extent by battery weight and cost reduction.

Daniel Stapler says:

With solar panels on your car you could park your EV with low charge in an outdoor long term car park at an airport and not come back to a brick.

deant007 says:

Awesome ⚡️🚗🌟☀️🌏🇨🇱🚀

Mark Plott says:

Two bit da Vinci – waste of time for City/Urban cars, you can Cover 25% of Parking lots with SOLAR and a Megapack and it would be MORE efficient.
Cybertruck is practical because its a Rigid base to have a SOLAR array when CAMPING.
and even Street Parking can be Converted to Covered SOLAR as well.
lowering the COST of Charging.

beau danner says:

I predict that when cost and efficiency of solar reach parity it will be a standard feature. Not for daily recharging but imagine emergencies and or being way off grid. There aren't many places on Earth where 20 miles a day won't save your life ☺️

Wally Kramer says:

A self-solar powered car? It feels like ten years is too soon for a general solution, but I would anticipate that many niche applications can be expected by then.

Ricki, as for "garaging" your vehicle, perhaps that suggests a reasonable solution: don't put solar on the car, put solar cells in the accessory parking shelter which somehow cleverly folds up inside the car—a new twist on the concept of "convertible." It charges while being kept (relatively cool) and clean.

In 15 or 20 years, perhaps the requisite tech can satisfy well enough that solar cells on the car's skin can match the vehicle's thirst for power sufficiently would work for most non-professional users.

azatecas says:

not everyone lives in a house with a garage. most people live in apartment buildings so leaving the car outdide parked is the only option. solar panels would be huge, if i can leave my car parked on the sun outside my job or my house, i would rarely pay for charging.

Nicolas Lagas says:

The amount of ads you have on your videos in a deterrent

Chris Pierce says:

So I just received word today by email that my reservation down-payment of 500 Euros for the Sono Sion was being returned to me per my request. After pledging in 2018 for a vehicle due in early 2020, I became disillusioned by the delays, and mostly the awful communication to their US customers. The company is wholly Euro-centric. Great idea, but probably available in 2025, long after I buy my Cybertruck. In the meantime, I bought a Model Y …

web2yt says:

Thanks : ) That was a fun update

Joe Wilder says:

I like what Aptera is doing.

LaserFur says:

Cars and pickups need solar to keep the battery from going dead in the winter. right now I have a cord going out to my ICE pickup to keep the battery charged as it's now stuck in the snowbank till spring.

becky mieles says:

Investing in crypto now should be in every wise individuals list, in some months time you'll be ecstatic with the decision you made today.

P Jay says:

The 2021 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid is also has a solar roof option. I’m surprised, you didn’t mention that.

Giesbert Nijhuis says:

No way; Tesla model S does not have a 10 m2 roof surface. @ 2:44

Eric Buhrendorf says:

Great video and production quality. I’m surprised you didn’t mention the possibility of perofskite (spelling) boosted panels.

andrew mcmillan says:

Really, 30km/day is enough for a lot of people's daily needs. At the moment my daily needs are around 10km/day, but post-pandemic maybe that will be 20km/day.

Doug Jessee says:

With the pandemic and much less driving, solar panels on the car would have kept us from using almost any other energy source for transportation.
My house is shaded from both the east and west by trees not on my property. During the summer I have a 6 hour 'window' and during the winter it is less than 4 hours.
If not, I would have put panels on my roof already and added a battery pack. Would then be pushing to replace my ac/furnace with a groundloop heatpump.

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