This summer we had solar panels for our home installed in Georgia. Here’s how much they cost, how they work, and what the installation process was like!
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Ashley Renne 💋



Hey Ashley Renne says:

Do you think solar panels are worth the hefty price tag?

hsm_presents says:

No real specs quoted in this video it is so maddening to watch !

hsm_presents says:

OKAY ALERT ALERT ALERT !!! "Feed up through the attic" Listen people I designed my own system and I put my foot down with my installer. Absolutely NOTHING not even a cable gets to go through the loft/attic. All cables are in weather proof protective tubing on the outside of the house. The moment an installer tries to insist that any equipment or cabling must go into a loft or attic or basement….send them packing. You need to make this clear from the get go. The best way to avoid a fire hazard is to not have one. As for Georgia making you wait months for a solar permit well you do not live in a free country that is a fossil fuel state tyranny if I ever heard of one, total corruption. There is nothing of any reason or purpose that should require a permit and months to wait. Notice how that permit is OKAY with "Feed up through the attic" so clearly it ain't about safety !!

hsm_presents says:

Most people don't need to spend $24,000 on an array. Most people can do perfectly well with half of that ! It depends on expectations whether you are looking for it cover 50% or 80% of your power usage. It is a lot like buying a TESLA sure it is great to have the biggest battery but the cost jump from the medium size battery to the biggest can be a painful stretch for some people. Here in the UK you can have a solar energy system that is up to 4.9kW without any permits or permission (if you want a larger array you do need permission) that is installed in one day and switched on immediately. The solar bureaucracy in the USA is maddening. Here in the UK from the day you decide to do it and book an install date, to install and completion is not likely to be above 10 days. Solar is generally much cheaper in Europe than in the USA.

hsm_presents says:

What is the kW size of your array ?

hsm_presents says:

Get some extra panels installed on the opposite slope, it is okay that it is a smaller slope. Being able to catch light at different times during different seasons matter. I recently added a north face slope to a south facing existing system and yes it is worth it. Same with East/West.

Payton Miller says:

My husband and I were told it wouldn't be worth it in florida. Could you do a video how different states may vary.

Tyron Megawatts says:

Cool. We just installed a system.

Smarthome Tech says:

Awesome video! What was the cost per kw pre incentives? Thank you for sharing

flyshacker says:

We are considering solar . But our ONLY reason is all the power outages we endure every year from our crappy power company here in Northern California. When fire season comes, the power goes down for a week at a time due to the dreadful forest management in this state. Then in winter, every little storm inevitably causes an outage for 4,000 homeowners at a time. We had 6 or 7 outages last year that required us to throw out all our spoiled food several times. NEVER AGAIN! We are getting Tesla solar power with the POWERWALL BACKUP so that we can keep our power running every time the feeble utility grid shuts down!! California is a third world country!

Google Account says:

GA did not have Net Metering when you made this video….I'm not sure why you said that? At the time of your video they only paid four cents per kwh you pushed back into the grid. Which is probably why Tesla isn't doing solar business in GA – GA Power makes the pay back so poor it doesn't make sense.

Also, if you try to sell your home with a system you do not own and are leasing….it isn't going to help the value.

bigdawg_4714 says:

The fact that Tesla told you they have no plans to come to GA anytime soon is truly crushing as I am a GA resident as well

Truth Exposed says:

Smart Homes are for STUPID people.

karthik11512 says:

Did you guys consider the SolarEdge inverter that has the built in EV charger?

Taste of Takeisha says:

House tour!

Humboldt Ave says:

Hi… you did not mention solar batteries like say the Tesla Powerwall. Do you plan on making that in addition to your solar installation?

nhb says:

I'm surprised that Atlanta doesn't promoting energy efficient homes? I noticed there is no radiant barrier.

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