Solar Panels For Home – 9 Months Later

Solar Panels For Home – 9 Months Later

Solar panels for home – 9 months later! It’s the video many of you have been asking for. Ever since I published the video about my solar panel system on my home earlier in the year, and my experience with the installation and energy production I’ve been seeing, I’ve been asked for an update on how it’s going. By a lot of people. Well, it’s time. How much energy production have I been seeing? How much money have I spent on versus how much I’ve saved? I’m going to cover it all.

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joe black says:

Wow your energy use is out of this world. My energy use for the whole year is 1020 Kw! And we are family of four! We cook a lot using electricity and still we are cca 1/12 of your energy use!

Ima Crazy Guy says:

10 years at $120 a month for solar.. definitely more expensive then jist staying on grid. Plus you are shelling out $$ per month on your Sense and Sense2. If you have to get into debt to go solar, you are starting off wrong. In 10 years your warranty will be long gone and you'll be investing even more money into repair and replacments.

Batteries are good for at most 7 years, average of 5 years. Assuming you have a moderate solar battery setup, that is a quick several thousand invested to stay at peak efficiency.

Jim Wm says:

Have you factored in the cost of manufacturing and disposal of the solar panels to the environment ? What if there are no subsidies? Someone has to be paying for all these credits right?

Gus Hodges says:

Nobody gonna y’all about how his logo is literally the Shazam logo

Clayton Young says:

Bruh, you're an energy hog. Simply unplugging things you aren't using will help a lot.

フワーねMochi says:

In tropical country solar panel is very useful but it very expensive

D.J. P says:

why didnt you buy the panels and put them up yourself? thats what ive been looking into and it seems like the best route to save money and energy.

ericself17 says:

U don't need solor,,,I replaced Evey light bulb even the ones out side, with LED bulbs from the 99cent store and put a two window unit ac s and my electric bill went from 220$ to 20 to 40$ a month during the summer and winter down to 90$ because of electric heaters but I'm thinking about getting a small fire place in the dinning area for winter to bring down the 90$

Madcap Laughs says:

I'd rather take the 30K and invest in Tesla.

Madcap Laughs says:

Actually I think 700-1,000 kwh/month is pretty good. How many people reside in your home?

Home Mycology says:

On the maintenance, do yourself a favor and get a critter guard. You'll save tons incase squirrels get up. Few hundred now saves thousands or tens of thousands later

Home Mycology says:

Looks like tesla installs with all that spaghetti on the roof. Cant stand exposed conduit. So many companies dont so it including mine

GetoverYourself says:

We are searching for a home to purchase due to relocation. FYI, if someone has a solar lease, discussion ends. Never purchase a home with a solar lease.

Bill Hamilton says:

I live in Canada in a house larger than yours and my hydro bill has yet to break$60. Per month for any month for the last 15 years. You guys are getting screwed royally on your hydro or you are using an obscene amount of electricity. And I do not scrimp either but when I leave a room the lights go off. I also have a large shop in the back yard and use 110 and 220 volt power tools frequently.. For me it would be counter productive to install any kind of solar because I would die before my capital investment was realized either by producing my own or selling electricity.

L8zin says:

I live in the North of Sweden where the sun pretty much doesn't rise for some days in the winter and I'm getting solar with a payback time of around 10-15 years! This proves you can have solar pretty much everywhere. Just gotta do the numbers.

Aduenam Z says:

Man you have a lot of land you could use to add more panels and make even more money and energy heheh!

Addicted To Placebos says:

Uncritical self-flagellation. Video is a waste of time, unless you’re…this guy.

Martin Beran says:

Hey, what is the lifetime for your shingels and what it will cost to remove all panels to replace the roof ? I think this may happen earlier than solar panels replacement..

Leggir says:

Planning on installing a 30KW array for off-grid this summer. Right now, paying $600/month just to have power on location (distribution). During January 2020, the power bill was $3200, distribution was $2400. Already got a 20KW generator, now retrofitting the buildings for better insulation.

Tony Solar says:

9 months after posting this video. I'm now watching it. So yes… "9 Months Later"

Defkoen says:

omg, the 3d graphs.. whyyyy!?

Humberto Valdez says:

Am I correct in summarizing that without my utility provider buying back excess electricity (SREC) and without the federal tax credit it does not make sense to go solar?

ddd228/Dave in Seattle. says:

Snow on your panels? Try Rain-X, but many manufacturers do NOT recommend it. There are more expensive options and cheaper ones. Mine is not roof-mounted,so it's easier for me. Pollen? Garden hose is fine.

Mchan Slam says:

What is your APR on that loan?

Alistair Aldridge says:

Wheres your personal wind turbine?

checkMyLikedVideos says:

Argument for a FIVE-G – COVID-19 Epidemic Causation Mechanism by Martin Pall, PhD

TPQ1980 says:

Have you calculated the gross carbon cost of the solar panels? Mining raw materials, transport to factory, manufacturing, transport to storage, sales, transport to site, installation, maintenance. Plus all the workers driving to and from work at each stage.

If you look at the entire production chain and then the secondary and tertiary supply chains and the production chains for those supply chains (mining machinery, cars for workers, air-conditioning in offices etc) you can calculate the total carbon cost for your entire solar panel system.

See if you'll be carbon neutral within the lifetime of the system. My guess is, if you calculate it correctly, you'll find the entire system saves zero carbon emissions. This is especially likely if anything is made in China, where emissions are essentially ignored and transport costs increase.

Raidan Bolt says:

I still have a hard time about the batteries and life cycle for replacement; as well as environmental impact.

TheRusschannel says:

Solar is just – Prepaying your electricity for 30 years…. LOL

Tosa says:

A scam by any other fancy name is still a scam.

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