Solar Panels For Home – 1 Year Later

Solar Panels For Home – 1 Year Later

Solar panels for home – 1 year later! Ever since I published the video about my solar panel system on my home earlier in the year, and my experience with the installation and energy production I’ve been seeing, I’ve been asked for an update on how it’s going. Let’s take a look at how much energy my system has produced, how much I’ve saved, and if it met the estimate my solar installer predicted.

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Alexander Rewijk says:

lol appearantly i only do like 2801 kWh/year, and i'm not even trying to save (netherlands)

zack phy says:

Yea I live in Tennessee and there's zero SREC's here and although we have really hot summers we also have cold winters, though it doesn't really snow here anymore like it did 20+ years ago, and a lot of trees. I think we can get $0.12 per kilowatt or $0.03 for other renewable like wind/water which isn't a lot at all. So helping save the environment, which my household would be so insignificant it wouldn't even matter, isn't enough for us to drop 30 grand on a system.

James sickmore says:

Do you have electric stove/dryer? That would explain the high kwh usage

Charles Murphy says:

2 cents per KWH a year? Not in my state. In summer the rates go up 3%. That’s 3% not 3 cents. In the last 5 years I have seen an increase of about 8 cents per KWH a year.
Increase the value of your home? The market value depends on the current value of your neighbors property and highly dependent on the economy. The value of my property dropped 50% in 2014.
Lastly, who can afford to pay a loan off quicker? Or remortgage their house to get that loan?
Don’t expect your system to last for twenty years, especially if it’s Chinese electronics. Company guarantees are like buying a car battery, it’s coverage depreciates over time.
Of course I cannot count for what the company is paying you to say these things. Solar is still a good idea with me but not viable until the prices come down.

You did say you cut back on your electric usage. People often do this when they think they are saving money but it skews their actual net results. It’s like those gimmick boxes sold to reduce your electrical consumption by just plugging them in, in a lot of cases people claim they work because it inspired them to save by conservation. Nice try but I’m still not sold.

Sean SR says:

He said they are paying 200$/mo for the loan, then he said the paid down half of the 20,000$ loan in one year. His math is a bit off or were not getting the full story…..

Shantelle Adeline says:

I can make it myself. Just got instructions from Avasva website and I'm ready for do it 😀

George Rodela says:

What if you die

Robert Douville says:

Will see on the long run, you are pioneering for us, taking the risks of early adopters thanks!

Robert Douville says:

How long is life expectancy of your roof and when will you have to replace it! What will happen then when you will have to replace it!?

Gilbert Tilitei says:

Impressive production on your videos.Great work.

Brian Michael says:

I was wondering how you heat your home? I just changed my system to a hyper-heat heat pump system which is designed for colder climates. These systems are designed to work down to 13 degrees below zero (80% of capacity) and at 5° the system operates at 100%. Over this past winter I have seen a 50% drop in the cost of heating my home while keeping the home at 70°. I would be happy to talk to you about the system. Great videos.

Mike Raney says:

The ROI calculations show you were making the right decision. The savings is great, but it is the autonomy that makes it worth it. Not suffering through an outage and waiting for the utility to restore service makes this a winner every day of the week!

Drackkor says:

Even if I would buy solar panels and pay cash for it this doesn't add up in any financial scenario. I sat down with the solar installer and it's a break even point of 33 years. If you would take that amount put it towards a Roth IRA making 4% on it your way money ahead. Don't forget the big tax increase in your property value as well that sucks from your wallet. Maybe this pans out in a warm climate.

Eimpress Mie says:

Say you needed a collection or something removed from your Credit Report and you could text a credit repair company to purchase a customized dispute letter would you?

Thiago Amador says:

What program did you use to do these graph charts and animations? they're incredible! I installed solar panels on my house as well, but since I live in Salvador (Brazil), there's way more solar radiation here. My 4,69 kWp solar panels produce a bit more energy in an year than yours 9,49 kWp system.

Randy says:

Installing solar panels will increase property (home) value so you can pay higher property taxes! LMAO

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