Solar Panel Showdown: Sunpower VS Bifacial VS Used VS Renogy VS Rich Solar

Solar Panel Showdown: Sunpower VS Bifacial VS Used VS Renogy VS Rich Solar

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CheapVlog says:

Companies just have to underrate their panels and Prowse will be thrilled 🙂 Cost per/W doesn't matter.

laronis says:

I always thought the best way to angle the panels for optimization is just make as much shade as you can.

laronis says:

I buy the Renogy Eclipse solar panels not because I have limited space on my roof, but because I have limited space inside my class B RV and I need the smallest most efficient solar panels I can store inside.

Owen Bubar says:

Would've loved to see the results for a flipped bifacial with reflectors on the ground.

Jim Vann says:

Take a shot every time he says “watt”. But first tell me which brand so I can buy stock.

Lord Kitsuna says:

You should see if you can find some Thin water channels to collect heat from that bi facial to have it double as a water pre heater. Heck test em all with that to see what it does for their output!

Sean In Alaska says:

So, that bifacial panel would be an Alaska game changer?

Gregory Gagnon says:

I'm pumped. I got 4 of the 250 watt used panels and I love them. My BMS was bad so I need to get a new one. Power in but none out.

Spartan2x says:

Very healthful!

The Offgrid Travelers says:

My 5-6 year old 435 watt grade B SunPower panels pulled 872 watts last May on 3 different cloudy days in the AZ mountains. On the perfect cloudy day they can actually do better than in full sun. Can't wait to try my grade A panels. Awesome Job today Will. This channel is awesome.

Kelsey McClanahan says:

As always –great vid!

Duane Wolcott says:

Captions still missing after 12+ hours…………

Kate Berry says:

Hi, where do you guys buy busbars? don't want to buy a junky one for my truck camper, thanks

BigIron 06 says:

Why are the SanTan Solar T Series 250W panels listed as "Off Grid Only"?????

1untamedone says:

How do the bifacial panels perform with partial shading?

Steve McMechan says:

To be honest as a solar panel designer who has 12 years experience designing panels you need to look at trying specific panel technology. Your bifacial panel is just using std 5bb perc mono cells which don’t have great rear side collection or great temp co-efficiency. Get a bifacial panel using n-type tunnel oxide bifacial cells and you’ll find they run so much better year round even in the summer, the cells won’t heat up near as much as the perc cells do and the rear side collection is much better. With bifacial having white concrete or white painted surface and min 1m rear side gap will give you much better rear side results than silver foil which does nothing really as you found. Also typically 9bb panels will give a higher output (if rated the same wattage) than 5bb panels.

All Alpha Zero Beta says:

I'm wondering about the bifacial panels and using a barium sulfate roof paint. barium sulfate is a super white pigment. White paint can actually reflect more light energy than a silver coatings and it also spreads the reflection better where as your foil backing is probably causing the rays to be concerted in certain spots some not even being on the solar panel. At least that's what I understood from one of Tech Ingents videos on a lasers.

Francis Hemeter says:

How about some market leading panels like LG neon 2 etc I have a 4 panels all exceed ratings.

Svetz Bowman says:

From what I've seen with SAM, bifacials need to be mounted higher (the base at least .5m above the ground), the more light underneath the better they do. I'd love to know why the Sunpower was running cooler than any of the others. Albedo makes a big difference too, love to see some experiments around that.

Beemer Wong says:

Thanks for the very informative review Will 👍 Much appreciated! I've been looking at the Q.PEAK Duo Blk-G6, and was interested in your thoughts on it, but can't seem to find a review from you on it. Can you please review this panel when you have a chance? Thanks much 🙏

Eric H says:

Maybe test going up and then 1 more time going back down, say at the first position. Make sure panel isn't losing efficiency from heating up.

Ben Kanobe says:

Where do I find an online calculator for my latitude and time of year for the best angle for my panels?

Berrnie Mccannaster says:

dear will, you mentioned the detremental effect of heat on the panels, now this is probably the daftest idea but here goes, peltier modules glued to the back of the panel, duel generation cooling just a thought for experement?

Hassan mahdi says:

👏🏼great job

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