Solar Panel Prices in Pakistan │ Solar Panel Calculations │ Solar Panel Types 170 W Solar Install

Solar Panel Prices in Pakistan │ Solar Panel Calculations │ Solar Panel Types 170 W Solar Install

Today in this video I will show you 170 W solar system for home calculations │Types of Solar panels how to use solar panel and how to install solar panel at home with easy method and also discus about Battery Inverter Ups requirement Here is the best details tutorial about solar system complete installation guide in Urdu and Hindi language in which I briefly explained solar system calculation formulas how to check original or fake and also instalation. I covered some basic important queries about solar system installation for homes like how to calculate solar panel battery and inverter or how to calculate solar battery backup time and how to calculate solar system size or how to install solar panels at home. Solar energy is the cheap and best green energy in the world by which we can reduce our electricity bills and save electricity by using pv panels of different brand like Tesla solar Cells Germany Inverex risen solar AE solar Canadian solar etc. There are also some famous brands of Batteries in Pakistan like Phoenix Batteries AGS Batteries Volta Batteries EXIDE Batteries OSAKA Batteries. These brands are manufacturing all kinds of Solar panels like Thin Film solar panel Poly crystalline solar panel and Mono crystalline solar panel etc. Same like that there are many brands for inverter and UPS like Homage Eco star inverter etc. so this video is about 170 watts solar panel system calculation in which you learned about which are required solar panels for home or solar plates for home and solar system inverter and battery calculation . 170 Watts system is basically 1 fan 2 light solar panel system so please watch complete video and subscribe for more videos.
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The information is good


Video is good

Jamshed gul butt says:

150 واٹ کی 2 پلیٹس لگائی ہیں 19 امپئیر کے قریب آ تے ہیں بیٹری چارج نہیں ہوتی نہ ہی ڈائیریکٹ چارج ہوتی ہے اور نہ کنورٹر کے ساتھ۔ بیٹری بھی بدلی ہے اور یو پی ایس بھی۔ سولر کے ساتھ ڈائیریکٹ 12 وولٹ جو مرضی چلا لیں چل جاتا ہے


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Danish Alii says:

Local pannel hay ya zyada say zyada 4 saal chalay ga

Mohammad Arshad says:

Dear sir
The word " cell germany" has become a joke in solar plates.
Every no.2 manufacturer( with low quality ) is marked " cell germany".
It is strange that you donot know this and you are misleading new commers.
Please tell all clearly that cells Germany does not mean it is made in Germany.
Regards arshad dha Lahore


Local panel hai kesey bhi achy panel mein fake diot ka boxx nahi hota chota sa box hota hai…
2 3 4 diot hoty hai is sy zada waley local fake panel hoty hai…


Ma shop sa trina solar panels la ra hio trina solar panels ka werrnty kasy hota ha card ha ya koi or cheese.?


Bhai solar panel ka werrnty card hota ha kia hota ha

Professional QS & Estimation says:

جناب ، میرے پاس 24Vکی 200 واٹس کی 10 شمسی پلیٹیں 3KVa انورٹراور 2 عدد 12 وولٹ 200Amp بیٹریوں کے ساتھ منسلک ہیں۔ مجھے یہ مسئلہ ہے کہ 3 سال میں میرا انورٹر کسی بھی وجہ سے يا کرنٹ زيادہ آنے سے خراب ہوجاتا ہے اور2 بار نيا انورٹر لگايا ۔ اور الیکٹریشن نے کہا کہ اس کی وجہہ واپڈا سے بجلی کی زیادتی ہے۔ آپ کی مہربانی آپ مجھے مشورہ دے کہ زيادہ کرنٹ کو کيسے انورٹر ميں آنے سے روکو۔ اور کيا لگاءو کے انورٹر محفوز رہے بہت شکريہ

Ahmed Ali Shah says:

Contact No. Please

Shujaat Ali says:

Super video… plz tell best brand

mukhtiar ahmed 44 says:

Assalam walekum bhai jaan aap aap Log Yaha Nahin batate Ho ki Issaq job battery charger bhi hote hai na uske sath Ham Kaise lagayenge kis tarike se lagaenge Jab battery charger Hoga uske sath kaise securitas

HUM Hayyat says:

Very informative Brother JazakALLAH

Abu Bakar says:

Good job bro
Bhai 80 watt par kiya kiya chal sakta ha

muhammad qureshi says:

Informative knowledge

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