Solar Opposites – Official Trailer (2020) Justin Roiland, Thomas Middleditch

Solar Opposites – Official Trailer (2020) Justin Roiland, Thomas Middleditch

Get an exclusive first look at the full trailer for Hulu’s Solar Opposites from Rick and Morty co-creator Justin Roiland and executive producer Mike McMahan. All eight episodes in Season 1 of the animated sci-fi comedy will be released on May 8.




Stoned Homer says:

May an 8th be with you.

Wrld_of.gumball58 says:

Im pretty sure Rick is gonna kill of the cast before they get off Earth

Ryen Vonkairin says:

This show will be the next American Dad.

Gersson Marquez says:

This series looks fun af

Anthony Fanchin says:

Am I taking enough Adderall for this?

T. Stamp says:

Guaranteed it’s in the Rick and Morty Universe. Probably won’t get a crossover till about 5 years if the shows are still on and we’re still alive


Dammit now i have to get fkn Hulu

♫Lyfe Rodgers♫ says:

That last part was hilarious ngl

gil cooper says:

Sorry but all I hear is Rick's voice

Bandwidth Braydon says:

Maybe they should just focus on getting new Rick & Morty episodes out… It takes a long time as it is.

Ace Maxximus says:

Who knows, this might be Rick & Morty from another dimension

larkin norred says:

Is this Phil of the future?

Sykoshiro09 says:

Looks boring. Also nothing from this trailer made me laugh or even chuckle. Skip

Chris LaFace says:

You can see that Rick and Morty is from Roland’s mind.

[Blank] Blanker says:

Place your bets for Season finale:
Almost destroy the world
Get kidnap for alien hunting dissection
R&M meet, than dimension jump

All American Rides says:

This trailer could have been the worst trailer ever. But Im still going to watch it. Why? Because Rick and Morty that's why.

Quinn McDonnell says:

The son is the actor who plays Adam on the Goldbergs.
That last joke is a reference to 2019 Sonic Design, which can we just forget existed!!

Jowlarofus says:

Why does it have to be Hulu tho

Michael Coffman says:

So 3rd rock from the sun

Parallel Bourne says:

Lmao 1:01

Рафаэль Субханкулов says:


Rohit Raj says:

I'm just hearing Rick

عبد العزيز says:

I guess now we know why it took them so long to finish season 4.

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