SOLAR LIGHT HACKS | Amazing things you can do with Dollar Store solar lights

SOLAR LIGHT HACKS | Amazing things you can do with Dollar Store solar lights

Sharing these $1 Dollar Tree DIY solar light life hacks for the yard, deck, patio, front porch — wherever! Add some affordable outdoor lighting with only a few steps. Thanks for watching!

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Melissa Colvin says:

I made like 100 of these, my backyard looks like a landing strip.

Coka Baby says:

I only knew about 2 of these.. I’m so happy I found this video. It truly made me happy lbvs

Mr Emann says:

Omg could you be anymore beautiful? You have really creative ideas and btw E6000 is the best glue ever! Thanks for the ideas.

Sharonparsley says:

Love these ideas!! 😃


I just read the next comment I will look for them at Walmart.

Kimberly says:

Just your channel title got you another subscriber 🤓😎😂

Elizabeth Hardzog says:

Best hacks ive seen!

Jody Hakala says:

4:50 the hanging would be great center of my holiday greeter pots for front of 🏡

Jody Hakala says:

Hey Sarajane I was cleaning out the garage and found some.
Did you see those vintage big solar 💡 💡 bulbs walk paths?? I got them and they look really cool. Red yellow green blue. I didn’t know if they would be as good as the ones your working with.
Now I’m going to look for some of your outside Christmas 🎄 🎄 ideas.

S Moore says:

Lid hole cutting hack…get a large stepdown drill bit (1-3/8") at Harbor Freight. Drills thru metal and plastic…save your scissors.

elizabeth ball says:

GREAT ideas but what about the lantern type solar lights. Also I can't figure how to get a new battery in a dead old light. Can you give a demo on "How to" please. Thanks

Oh Yeah says:

Well somehow i stumbled across this on my many voyages across YouTube..dollar trees everywhere near me so I said why not.. Amd as a guy with no talent at U made me look totally awesome my mom loves theses little lights i made out of the frosted jars and i made some hanging colored jars .. Thanks

Jacqueline Johnson says:

Fsb ideas thank u for sharing

Oriet Diamond says:

You are always so much fun!

Lyn B says:

Stash 5-10 in your Emergency Kit. Give a "bouquet" to relatives as a gift for the same reason. Good to keep a bouquet in clear plastic ziploc bag in rear window of your car for emergencies too. Put a couple in your kids trick or treat bags for enhanced night safety as well as to inspect their treats on the go. Your kids will love the new colored lanterns for sleepovers and as a night light. Thanks for this vid. The broomstick and cutting board concept is GREAT.

3times lucky says:

How did your views increase so much….???good job all your work has paid off but wow what an jump…👏👏👏👏

Crystal Morris says:

Aka: seeing how many different containers can you find that the will hold a solar light without falling inside of it. None the less, pretty neat.

Manuel Rocha says:

Nora Rocha , here . I love all the Great ideas. i will be doing these soon i had just bought a bunch of solar lights at the dollar store. Thanks from British Columbia, Canada. 2020.

LastPsalms says:

Best dollar store hack ever!

silent voice in the dark says:

I want to call you the solar chic and you aint cheap at all babe

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