Solar Energy Is Your New Gadget Power Source

Solar Energy Is Your New Gadget Power Source

Charge your gadgets with clean solar energy! In this video, I review a solar-powered USB charger. This is perfect for your outdoor adventures and your gadgets!
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Kramer7969 says:

I bought one of these the day you posted this video, just got it yesterday and am currently using it to charge my iPad and my portable charger so I can charge my phone later šŸ™‚ Works great!

jsm666 says:

Neat. What's the time to full charge like for some common devices? (I've got to say, though, if you're walking around a lot in bright sunlight anyway, having it draped over your backpack and quietly working away on a cellphone you're not using much if at all makes such questions almost irrelevant.)

Flowersyn says:

what's a good editing device, that is free ? I have a Canon T5

Darren S says:

nice gadget couldĀ have many applications

gamer3928 says:

I've always wanted to build one of these.

Raymond Shelp says:

That's definitely cool!

mrfranksjag says:

SnapChick what's a good beginner DSLR camera

Chrismzeller says:

Hi Snapchick!
I am a gadget geek too and I have a GoalZero charger. I struggle with its utility though. For almost everything from weekend-weeklong backpacking or backcountry ski trips it is almost always easier and lighter to carry just the spare battery pack (or two) than the solar charger. Only if you are on a truly extended trip (longer than a week) would this be useful. In that case maybe I wouldn't use my gadgets? I am looking for a way to charge my Nikon DSLR batteries from one of these. Ideas?

Ersen Nefes says:

Nice concept, wonder if they have these in London!

Austin says:

I love my Rav power 5 in one it's a life saver sometimes.

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