Solar Charging Handbag

Solar Charging Handbag

Solder up your own solar gadget charger and use it on any handbag or backpack! Becky Stern shows you how:
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darc nl says:

Thanks for this! Helped me jimmy the lock on the company truck.

Christos Skoufis says:

I love your products but the shipping is just too much…
(50 USD for shipping to Greece……)

d- jamz says:

what type of dog is that

Tuan Nhat Nguyen says:

$17.5 for the solar charger, $20 for the MintyBoost, $12 for the battery, $35 for the solar panel. $10 for other stuff (the Altoids tin, the new plug, the heat shrinks) shipping really depends.

jorgipogi says:

Total price?

Adafruit Industries says:

Happy #WearableWednesday in the Summer of Solar! Make a solar lipoly MintyBoost and add it to your favorite handbag or backpack:

92kosta says:

It's Siemens A35.

Mac·au says:

Awesome! 🙂

Becky Stern says:

We do! But the lighter fit in the shot better and has more visual impact. =]

92kosta says:

Does it take like a zuzagamazillion years to fully charge a phone?

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