Should Every Rooftop Get Solar Panels? | One Small Step | NowThis

Should Every Rooftop Get Solar Panels? | One Small Step | NowThis

This Manhattan apartment complex installed more than 9,000 solar panels across its 22 acres of buildings — and it could show the future of solar power in cities.
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How do we bring more solar power to cities?

On this episode of One Small Step, we visit Stuytown Solar, a project that doubled Manhattan’s solar capacity by installing 9,761 solar panels on top of 22 acres of apartment buildings.

‘It’s not always dollars. Sometimes it’s about doing the right thing, and sometimes about thinking forward,’ says Beam Living CEO Kelly Vohs.

‘We’ve gotta put smart people in office that understand that we’ve got to make smart investments for our future generations,’ says Volt Energy Founder Gilbert Campbell.

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Joseph the Inflatable guy says:

Let’s use nuclear instead

Harold Fincher says:

Regarding energy storage:
The way large pumped water energy storage works is they just use energy to pump up water to higher elevations and then when energy is needed the water is released to flow down again, driving turbines or something to create electricity, right?
It's probably a dumb idea but I am just wondering: couldn't this be done at a smaller scale at every big building that is producing solar energy? Just pump some water up to the roof and when energy is needed, let it flow down and generate electricity. Am I oversimplifying and it just doesn't work like that? Or would there be trivial issues like noise complaints? 😀 Probably it's just not feasible / worth it given the cost for such a system…

TwilightMysts says:

She lost me when she brought up the words "social justice" and when she said people living near factories was racism.
15 years ago social justice was a good thing. Most all of the evidence I've seen in the last 5-10 years though indicates that "social justice" is just a cover term for entitlement and power grabbing.

Kris Raftopoulos says:

I wish I could get solar power. I liked the very end 🙂

Ivan Kontra says:

"sometimes you dont get a return on dollars but doing the right thing"

they're losing money and probably the organizers made some on the side

Ivan Kontra says:

never heard accurate info out of anyone talking to the camera like they're talking to a baby



JC_Malone says:

You just popped out of nowhere and everyone should listen to you? Who are you all of a sudden?

Tina Beltran says:

Guys I deadass thought that was Kanye

Sean Bedard says:

So much BS in these videos. But keep sucking it up suckers.

heather weber says:

I find it interesting that neither you or your guest mentioned the MAJOR down side of solar. Yes being able to gather the sun's energy would decrease the carbon footprint….however…. what about what these solar panels and wind turbines are made out of? They are made from THEE worst form of plastic ( a fossil product). this means that when, not if, these panels and turbines break they will never breakdown. What about the battery that collects and stores this energy, they wont last forever either. That is your future " oh no what did we do." moment you were asking about. Until we figure out another way to make these products I'm not entirely convinced that this is the way to go.

Johnny Dez says:

Lucy you are a ray of sunshine yourself.

Tim Fridly says:

I am still waiting for aesthetic solar panel to put on my roof or replace my roof.

Okay ButWhyThough says:

Lighting: I'm boutta end this man's whole career….

Robert Lee says:

Battery Storage coverage in detail please. And all the uses options too. To make it acceptable for different lifestyles and areas. Large Cities, countrysides, urban, rural…

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