Sharp Solar Waterproof Mobile Phone : DigInfo 2009

Sharp Solar Waterproof Mobile Phone : DigInfo 2009

DigInfo –

Sharp / Solar Phone (Softbank 936SH / KDDI SH002)

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texa says:


Unknown User says:

Smartphones are a thing now laptops and tablets are bricks now I still find flip phones better to use

dimaggio david says:

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and No F02D?

Salute for covering Flip phones. Good Job! wish you can Include F02D phones! thnx!


1101리 says:

You cant its exclusive in Japan
and this was really more than 3 years ago

1101리 says:

Its a damn sub fail

CognizantxNight says:

No dude, you must be thinking of the new Nokia, you should check out there good old stuff, its absolutely amazing, to me that is. :/

Kate Desales says:

You can only buy it in japan. And they do not sell globally i think

nil1230 says:

where can i buy in the u.s.?


i want this where
to buy it

SuperSZ says:

If it had Android it would be the PERFECT PHONE. … if there's a version of it but with android please tell me

Azure Dragon says:

Damn! I wish I was born in Japan!!!

Edorin says:

How will it get charged if it stays in someones pocket all day?

Ivan J Miranda Marrero says:

I love how Japanese talk a bunch of bla bla bla with a 7 word english sentence XD

sleepy at dawn says:

@Tu51ndBl4d3 Im sorry, but i cant take someone who thinks the iphone is symbol of sophistication.

Tu51ndBl4d3 says:

lmao, everyone, listen to me. its a fact that japan USED to be ahead, but not anymore. they have fallen back in the Interface business. basically, their phones look old, and their interface IS old. however, they are developing iphone competitors so beware, u never know, jpn might overtake the world again

Hero STK says:

@LibertineDeSade really? you wana pay 300+ for a phone that is the same as yours, but its waterproof, and you can make yours waterproof for free? i dont call that being weird i call that being awesome

Hero STK says:

@LibertineDeSade well if you take 2 condoms, put them over the phone, and cablam its waterproof and you can do everything you just listed…

Hero STK says:

@itznickyyheree i dropped mine in the toilet and it was just fine….. and if you wana txt pple while under water put 2 condoms over it then txt that way. it works trust me

itznickyyheree says:

well it would be very cool to just text message ppl when you are in shower
or when you droped your phone in mud, it's easy to clean
or what if you jump with your phone in your pocket in your pool? happend to my friend… phone died (not this one just an old samsung :p)

Hero STK says:

whats the point of having a water proof phone? its not like you can talk to people under water, you would loose your breath

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