SECODI: Product presentation – Zoom meeting (It's all about Solar Products)

SECODI: Product presentation – Zoom meeting (It's all about Solar Products)

Hello Secodians!
This is another Powerful presentation taken from one of our numerous zoom meetings. Here we discussed all you need to know about our Solar products and their efficiency.

In case you are wondering what a particular product does or its use cases, this video is just right for you.

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Remain Blessed….
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Eliakim Wamuonso says:

Ideed let there be light! Thanks for coming to Warri only a couple of weeks ago to train us.Mr Bassey(our coach) is really something else,such a guru in what he does.
Pls I appeal to management that you soften the gap between the stages of the crowd funding scheme.
Stage two could be five distributors on the left and same on the right. FIVE IS THE NUMBER FOR GRACE.
Now this will greatly encourage faster growth and more prospects coming in while SECODI will still makes decent profits.
Please consider this quickly.

An organisation only gets better if burdens a lessened on people.
Stay lighted.

Best regards.

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